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Self-Managed vs. Semi-Managed vs. Fully Managed Hosting Services: Which Is Best for You?

Self-Managed vs. Semi-Managed vs. Fully Managed Hosting Services

Selecting a web hosting plan is always a big hunt, as there are plenty of options out there. To mention a few, there is a range of hosting options available, like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, cheap WordPress hosting and more.

However, the point is, which hosting plan to go with totally depends on your business requirements, website traffic, how technically sound you are and so much more. Needless to say, giving your website a solid foundation is a must!

Getting back to the point, you might have probably come across the terms “Self-managed”, “semi-managed”, and “fully managed” hosting.

Want the hosting to be managed, like you spend more time on growing your business, or you can look after the complete server management. Confused? Need to clear these terms?

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In this article, we’ll understand the terms self-managed, semi-managed and fully managed to host services and their key differences.

Let’s begin! Starting with self-managed hosting! 

What is Self-Managed Hosting?

Self-managed, also known as unmanaged hosting is where you’re completely responsible for right from maintaining, monitoring to keeping a close eye on security updates. With unmanaged hosting, you basically rent server space on the server which is owned by the hosting company but it’s more like a do-it-all-by-yourself experience.

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This type of hosting type is best suited for big businesses, or for someone with good technical know-how. To give you an example of unmanaged hosting, you get a random call that your server is down and your customer’s websites are inaccessible. Here in this scenario, it becomes a fuss! Because you only have to deal and fix the issue. 

Unmanaged plans are much more affordable and they offer you total freedom over the website. In most cases, site owners hire techie experts to manage their site or resources. But not every business can hire a different person for the payroll.

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What is Semi Managed Hosting?

The next on the list is semi-managed hosting. Here the web hosting provider manages the advanced server, and network infrastructure and keeps a close check on software maintenance, updates and more. Then, what’s left of your site’s design and branding part?

Semi-managed hosting is an ideal option if you can handle the basics of the hosting administration and require assistance in advanced server management or issues. It lies somewhere in between fully-managed and self-managed hosting plans.

If you want help with handling the technical aspects of your site, but don’t want to pay just the same as fully managed to-host plans. Compared with the cost perspective, these hosting plans are more affordable than fully managed hosting plans but more expensive than self-managed plans.

What is Fully Managed Hosting Service?

A managed hosting service is basically a hosting type wherein the hosting provider does all the work on your behalf including server monitoring, management and maintenance. Thus, you don’t need to dedicate your time to do these complex tasks, while allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Here, the hosting provider also ensures that your infrastructure and applications are updated, secure and quickly running. 

Fully managed hosting is the most expensive type of hosting option, but it’s even the most hands-off. This type of option is perfect for those who need someone else to take care of the server administration tasks and don’t need to worry about server issues.

Understanding Which is the Right Option for You?

Finalizing the hosting type is a tough task. But if you are clear with the ins and outs, it seems to be pretty easy.

If you’re a core IT expert, or you want to concentrate more on business and free yourself up from the technical hassles, fully managed hosting services are the way to go! And, even if you aren’t an experienced developer with web hosting and server management skills, managed services work well.

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On the contrary, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and allocate your own staff to manage the website and look after the technicalities, then self-managed hosting is the right choice to make.

As we have seen both types, the last one to summarize is unmanaged hosting. It’s less expensive than other hosting types, as you are entirely in charge of the server management and maintenance tasks, but it may not be the best option for those who are new to web hosting.

Concluding Words

Knowing the various types of hosting services makes it easy for you to make a smart decision. As each of the options has its own set of specifications and uniqueness. After all, the best one depends on your website’s needs and requirements.

Do you have any of the above web hosting requirements?

MilesWeb should be your first stop! We aid businesses to go online with the right web hosting services. Get ahead of the game and pick a service that’s apt for your web project.

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