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VPS Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

If you have known the hosting industry for only a short period, you must know there’s more to it that meets the eye. Especially, when your website has come too far to need better hosting. Generally, companies suggest you upgrade to VPS or a dedicated server. But due to a lack of understanding of VPS hosting vs Dedicated hosting, it gets difficult.

Both VPS and dedicated servers are dynamic hosting, but their individual concepts confuse users. They cannot figure out which hosting to choose after shared hosting, which is an essential task. 

There are several web hosting services. However, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting are popular. When users begin with web hosting services, they go for shared hosting. It helps them create a successful digital presence. They can attract good visitors and even generate sales.

After a while, shared hosting becomes outdated. That’s because the website grows and begins to receive high estimated traffic. Shared hosting doesn’t have the power to handle a heavy website so, it limits the growth. 

That’s when the time comes to switch to another hosting. But then both VPS and dedicated servers create confusion about which one to choose. In my opinion, it totally depends upon the requirements of a website. Even though both are powerful hosting, their plans are created to cater to individual website needs. 

If your website is too large and receives heavier traffic, you may require more resources. The main difference is here only that VPS and dedicated server resources differ in amount. If VPS is an equal part of an ice cream box, a dedicated server is the entire ice cream box. Meaning that an ice cream box could offer equal bites to everyone, but with a dedicated server, you get to eat the whole. 

In fact, there are a few minor differences as well. As you go further and keep reading, you will get a good insight about it. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting, also known as Virtual Private Server, offers a single physical machine to multiple websites. The physical machine creates numerous virtual servers, and each user enjoys an individual virtual server. 

Although users share the physical server, they own a private virtual server to them. All of their resources are separated from each other. For instance, if you are hosting a website on a Cloud VPS server, you will have your own set of resources. You will not share them with other users. 

Likewise, every user receives personal and 100% dedicated resources. 

Let us consider VPS as a food packet from the food truck. Everyone receives equal food packets, and they don’t mean to share anything with each other. Similarly, in VPS, the host deploys a physical machine (food truck). Then the physical machine creates many virtual servers to distribute among users. That is how each user gets a private server with personal resources. 

In VPS, there is utmost privacy, mainly because you don’t share the space and resources. You stay in a committed environment with no other user around you. This protects your server and its data, plus it allows you to utilize the resources all by yourself. 

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

The dedicated server is the whole big machine. If VPS is a food packet, a dedicated server is the food truck. They provide the same service features, but you get more resources here. Plus, there is extremely high privacy. 

In a dedicated server, you receive the whole physical server. No user shares that with you. You can even create multiple virtual servers under them and resell for a side hustle. But it is exclusively owned by you. 

If you get a virtually isolated environment in VPS, a dedicated server offers a physically committed environment. You own every bit of your resources and space. This gives you the authority to select your resource limits. 

However, dedicated hosting works perfectly for large business websites. These websites require more work in regards to performance, security, loading speed, smoothness, etc. They need to be hosted on a very powerful server to run hassle-free all time. 

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting – Pros and Cons

Whether VPS or dedicated hosting, both have pros and cons. That is why it is better to select the one that meets the needs of your website most. 

VPS Hosting

Isolated environmentExpensive than shared hosting
Dedicated resources
Inexpensive as compared with dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting
Full control over the server and resourcesExpensive monthly packages
Unbeatable performance
Choose your resource usage

However, we at MilesWeb offer managed dedicated hosting as well. If that is your need, you can contact our sales team for the plans and pricing. 

4 Key Differences – VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting


VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Security

Both Servers offer security, but dedicated servers provide higher security. Since you own the complete machine, there are zero chances of attacks or threats. You don’t let any user even share the space with you and so, the resources. 

VPS is equally powerful and offers security, but virtually. You are secured in your room, but dedicated servers let you have the house key. Nobody can even touch this hosting other than you. 


vps vs dedicated server performance

Performance is vital for every website, whether it is a small site or a heavy traffic site. Big websites especially require smooth performance. It is not feasible for them to face any server related issues since it will affect their business and engagement. 

A dedicated server provides a complete commitment to a single user. Even if your website starts receiving more traffic than expected, it has the capability to offer efficiency. You will not have to depend on other websites for resources. Plus, it will give you the utmost speed and performance, leading to better growth. 

Managed/Unmanaged Services 

Both hosting offers managed and unmanaged hosting plans, whether it is VPS or dedicated hosting. 

The rest depends on the web host. If they offer either of the plans, then you will not have options. At MilesWeb, you can get managed and self-managed plans for both dedicated and VPS hosting services. 

Generally, companies and businesses that cannot look after the server management process purchase managed hosting services. In that case, the host manages the hosting and offers full support. 

You can browse both of our plans here –

VPS Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting Services

Pricing Comparison – VPS Hosting VS Dedicated Servers

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Price Comparison

If we compare the prices, then dedicated servers are definitely expensive. They cannot match any other hosting in all aspects, whether speed, security, privacy or cost. It is always high. 

VPS, in that case, is a little inexpensive. However, it is fair as you share the physical server anyway. But in dedicated hosting, you own the entire server and its control. 

Summing Up – VPS or Dedicated Hosting?

VPS is a hosting that users generally select when they are in their growing stage. Shared hosting limits the growth once the website starts receiving good traffic, which is why they switch to VPS for more resources.   

It offers such websites better privacy and more resources they can personally use without sharing. However, VPS is a virtual private server so, you still share the physical machine with many users. 

Dedicated servers are more advanced hosting. They provide you with the complete server and control. That means you don’t have any other users on your server, so you receive the optimum speed and performance.

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