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Cloudflare’s cPanel Plugin Retiring on 1st November 2022!

Cloudflare’s cPanel Plugin Retiring

Here’s an important notification for you all!

Cloudflare, one of the fastest content delivery networks (CDN) has formally announced that it’s ending support for its cPanel plugins with effect from 1st November 2022.

This is unfortunate news for many of us who integrate websites with Cloudflare using the cPanel plugin. But, yes, the better side is that the existing domains and accounts will continue to serve traffic and will not be affected at all.

What next, why is the Cloudflare cPanel plugin stopping? You might have got many questions. Keep reading below and get all the answers in this blog! 

Why is Cloud-Flare Stopping the cPanel Plugin Support?

It’s the maintenance and support costs of the plugin, says the official notification email from Cloudflare! This is the main reason why Cloudflare’s management decided to conclude the cPanel plugin support.

To add it up, the company wasn’t getting much of the paying customer conversions through the cPanel plugin. Rather customers using free Cloudflare services were likely to convert into payable clients by directly visiting Cloudflare’s website, as opposed to the cPanel plugin.                                                                           

What’s Next? Without the Cloudflare cPanel Plugin 

Everything is changing with the ending life of the cPanel plugin. Now onwards you will no longer be able to use or modify Cloudflare’s settings through the cPanel.

Instead, as an end client, you’ll need to sign-up manually for Cloudflare on and change the DNS servers.

Once you log in directly to your account you will get to see all the existing Cloudflare-powered sites in the dashboard.

The Advantages of Direct Cloudflare Integration

Now, as you have to manually switch the DNS servers to those of Cloudflare you will get robust integration with the Cloudflare architecture as compared to the cPanel plugin. The DNS lookups will be running faster now and you don’t have to worry about switching web hosts.

Here you will find more information related to this update on:

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