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WordCamp Kerala 2023 Recap!

WordCamp Kerala 2023

As you must know, we’ve been actively participating in tech events worldwide. And how can you not guess the most amazing WordPress community event we’ve been participating in since 2015?

This time it was no different! Were you still thinking? Well, so yes, last month, our crew flew to Kerala for the WordCampKerala 2023.

It took place on 25th March 2023 at IMA Hall, Kochi. The enthusiasm for visiting the most beautiful site in the country, in short, “God’s Own Country”, was just mesmerizing!

There’s more. Check out this post; we’ll try to share the experience of what happened at the event. Make sure you read it till the end.

What’s Special About WordCamps?

They just give an overview for those who have missed our previous posts about WordCamps. They are community-organized WordPress events where WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world meet and get to know each other.

The cool part about WordCamp is that you don’t have to be a techie expert in your field to attend this event. There are many beginners who consider this event as a great launching point to ask questions from industry experts and get feedback on the same.

In short, it’s all giving back to “WordPress!” Let’s get back to our tour now.

The Key Stats

  • Location: IMA House, Kochi
  • Date: 25th March 2023
  • Attendees: 500+
  • Speakers: 33+
  • Volunteers: 29

Say Hello to MilesWeb Team

And it was 24th March 2023, the early mornings, cool breeze of wind and amazing view all around; the MilesWeb team flew off to the beautiful destination.

Check out our cool picture here!

MilesWeb Team

The excitement was hard to hide as 500+ attendees started pouring into the hall as soon as the doors opened. We also had a great opportunity with fellow sponsors, WordPress fanatics, entrepreneurs, and the talented squad.

So, we made it there a day before to get pumped up for the big day. At sharp 8.30 am on 25th March 2023, we’re all set at the event hall. We were super happy seeing so many attendees, booths and fellow WordPress fantastic.

The destination was worth it! There was an amazing and welcoming atmosphere around.

Having a Booth as a Hosting Sponsor

WordCamp Hosting Sponsor

At WordCamp, every sponsor gets a booth to showcase their offerings, so it feels like a great conference.

And yep, we even had our booth set up there. To share words about the experience at the booth was just beyond fantastic! We highlighted our WordPress products that aim to deliver a super-fast hosting experience.

Customer obsession has been our business! We collect insights from clients, especially regarding our products. Exactly the same, we introduced our products and really got a good response.

Check highlights at our booth here:

As the clock wound down, our booth was one of the most popular and visited by far! It really felt rewarding for our entire team.

To add fun and engage the visitors, we arranged a contest, wherein we got the best response! In return, we gave them amazing Goodies and they just loved it! The influx of people grew throughout the day and kept the team busy.

A Word About The Sessions!

Early morning sessions!! Ohh, that was really great! The entire day was literally buzzing. Insightful sessions were held on the ins and outs of WordPress. Well, it needed to pull down the complete agenda here! 

But to tell you, listing down a few sessions from talented speakers here:

  • Why should I contribute to
  • Importing Plugins & WordPress
  • Roadmap for a Career in the WordPress Ecosystem
  • WordPress Security? How Not to Maintain Your Site?

And last but not least, there was a live discussion by WordPress entrepreneurs on the topic: The WordPress Economy in 2023. 

We had nothing but valuable time here!

Last Remarks

MilesWeb was a proud Platinum sponsor at the WordCamp Kerala. But it was only possible with all the organizers, speakers and volunteers who made this event a grand one.

All said and done. We’ve finished the event on a good note! We’ll continue to support the WordPress community in the years ahead! Already excited for the next one in a row!

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