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10 Brilliant Business Growth Learnings From Money Heist

After all, what’s more human than the fight for survival?

~ Tokyo, Money Heist

Money Heist is one of the most popular series that is based on a group of robbers that plans a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain!


  • The heist team lead by a man named – ‘The Professor’

  • His team – a band of thieves named after a city.

While this is an entertaining series, it gives out insights and learnings that can be applied for business growth. Let’s get to know-how!

Know Your Game

You might be working on a million ideas for business growth but no one should know about your game plan. You should have complete understanding of your growth strategies, the system, and the market. In Money Heist, Professor creates every possible scenario in his mind and is leading the way. He is always aware of all the moves that the police and agents are going to make and he plans his moves well ahead of time. You need to move ahead like the Professor for business expansion. Know your moves and gauge what’s coming!


  • Plan your moves ahead of time.

  • For changing the system, you have to get inside the system.

  • When you plan a move, know what can possibly go wrong in that scenario and act accordingly.

Make Your Team Work For A Cause

Rewards attached to a cause are wonderful!! This keeps your team connected and inspired towards achieving a specific goal.

Nothing can beat a team that is emotionally connected to a mission or a goal. Professor motivates his entire team to work for a cause and that’s when all the team members start sticking together as a team.


  • The will of working towards the goal should be greater than the personal objectives.

  • Greater the reward, greater the goal, deeper the emotions, stronger the team. There should be a common aspect that connects everyone in the team.

The possibility of achieving business goals is as strong as the strength of your team. Work on building your team consistently, connect them, stand for them and keep them inspired.

Know The Strengths Of Your Team Members

You need to understand your team members completely before you give them a goal to work on. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of all your team members and assign them tasks accordingly.

Never try to do everything by yourself!

The Professor knew that no one in his team is good at planning and coordinating so he did all the planning by himself. He was aware that Nairobi was capable of managing the gold melter’s team so he gave that task to her while Tokyo had some great leadership qualities so he allowed her to lead the team when required.

He was also aware of the fact that Palmero was not very happy about Tokyo being the leader so he anticipated the challenges if he were to take Palmero in the team.


  • Make an effort to understand every member of your team and know their emotions before you assign tasks to them.

  • As a leader, you must know when your team cannot perform the assigned tasks and prepare solutions for their problems.

Even though you lead the team and you take all the decisions, you must be open to the thoughts of others and at times you must be bold enough to delegate the leadership if required. There is no harm in letting any of your team members be the torchbearer while you focus on other plans.

Research & Plan Like A Master Player

The professor is a chess player in money heist and you can see that he plans for even the tiniest of details and moves for the heist.

He does this through intensive research. At times he goes to the place where a heist is supposed to occur and understands every important person there so that he can use these details and plan a flawless heist.


  • The more exhaustive research and planning you do, the fewer problems you will have in executing the tasks and achieving the goals.

  • Balance is crucial! Living life on the extremes is not the right thing to do and everything falls apart at the extreme point.

Whatever your goal is, understand and research every small detail that can work for you and that can go against you. This is important for you to be better prepared.

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Execution Is More Important Than Theory

You might know about many business concepts and theories but you will have your own experience when you deal with a situation in real-time. It’s your wit and your experience that will work for you more than the knowledge you have. Persistence for a goal always goes a long way. Once you have done all the research and planning for a particular situation, then all you have to do is DO IT!!

In money heist, the professor gives out all the crucial information and the steps for overcoming the problems, but the members have their own experiences when they get down to executing the plan.

Irrespective of the strategies implemented by the Spanish police, Berlin always said, “We stick to the plan?”

Sticking to the plan is important and handling situations impromptu is also important.


  • There is no progress without any action. If you don’t execute anything, you will be only left with theories

  • No matter if you are working in a team or alone, stick to the plan! Hit the ground with the plan, handle situations on the go, and take responsibility for your actions.

A business is defined by the way it approaches its goals and achieves them. There might be things that you have planned for and there might be things that crop up in the middle of your plan. You as a business owner need to figure quick solutions for reaching your goals. This might be tough in the beginning but you get a hold of it as you start executing your strategies.

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Survival Of The Fittest

It’s a mean market out there; people are continuously planning legitimate and illegitimate strategies to get their businesses on top. Everyone here is fighting for their survival and only the fittest survive!

In money heist, everyone fights for their survival even when they reach the breaking point. Everyone was driven to the extreme and yet they survived because they didn’t give up even in the worst of situations. Nairobi was shot and Tokyo operated on her with no experience of performing surgery and Nairobi survived. There are many instances in the show that will make you think that this is the end, but they still keep going.


  • In business, there will be many situations when you think that there is no way and you must quit, but even then fight for your survival, think of solutions and possibilities. Try everything possible and even unimagined before you call it a day.

  • Don’t get disheartened even if you are at your lowest. Rock bottom will teach you many life lessons. This is when you let yourself feel defeated or strive to work out solutions for the success that you wanted to achieve.

  • You learn from your failure and mistakes but learn from other’s failures and mistakes as well. Failures teach you many things that are important for building a progressive business foundation.

Noting is permanent; the problems you face as a business organization are going to be solved. Even in the most intimidating situations, think with a positive mindset, tell yourself that you are going to work this out!

You have to win the battle in your mind before you win it on the field!

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Business Growth Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

You cannot achieve it all in one go. Achievement of your business goals is a consistent process that involves, planning, skills, team synergy, execution, facing problems, feeling defeated, getting to work again, sticking to the plan, and handling everything that comes in our way. If you think that you can achieve big business growth in one go, that’s not going to happen!

The Professor was aware that the execution of the heist wasn’t a sprint and he was all prepared to get to the finish line with careful planning.


  • Achieving business success is a long ride; do not think of it as a one-time sprint.

  • It s not going to be an easy ride, stay neutral and keep planning for business growth.

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Every Challenge Brings You Closer To Your Goal

In every episode of money heist, the professor and his team are faced with multiple daunting challenges. They successfully manage every challenge and ultimately accomplish their goal.

If you have a business, it is not going to be a smooth ride; there will be difficulties and challenges! But these challenges will only take you closer to your goal.


  • Always be focused on the outcome and do everything you can before you give up on something.

  • Divide your business goals into smaller parts so that every action is streamlined with the larger business goal.

Have A Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Imagine the professor and his team going into the bank, capturing hostages, and dealing with the police without a plan! It would have been a disaster! Having a plan for your business growth enables you to take care of all the small and big things of the business. There might be situations that you will have to manage on the go but even then you need a plan!


  • Having a plan enables you to move ahead in an organized way. Business growth becomes simplified and you are aware of the right actions to be taken at the right time.

You Will Make Mistakes, That’s Okay!

No plan is foolproof! As you plan your business growth, there will be things that are not in your hand. There will be things that you never thought of and you never planned and there will be times when you make the wrong business decisions. But the most crucial aspect is not to get disconsolate as a team. There were team members in the professor’s team who made mistakes but achieved the goal ultimately.


  • Mistakes happen, that’s ok, they only mean that you are not afraid to take risks, the most important aspect is to learn from your mistakes and to keep going.

  • Remember, none of your mistakes define you as an organization or as a team, they are just a part of the game and they can be corrected.


Achieving business growth requires you to have faith in what you are doing and be a part of the process. Business growth is a long-term goal and everyone’s story is different, the worst thing you can do is compare your story to anyone else’s story, never do that! Keep moving forward at your own pace.

Money heist is all about the synergy of a mastermind and his team!

Your team is important for achieving business goals and defining business success! Know your team and make sure your team benefits too. Ultimately your persistence is going to help you to achieve your business goals, just keep planning and keep going.

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