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3-Fold Strategy To Repurpose Content For Higher ROI

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A common motive, among all the bloggers and online business owners is to maximize their earnings. Higher the rate of investment (ROI), higher will be the profits. The most significant prospect for higher ROI is the content. If your content satisfies the reader, your probability for higher ROI increases.

Therefore, you need to repurpose your content as per the latest trend! You need to ensure two most important aspects : compelling readability and sufficient information.

Identifying the Content

The first step towards revamping your content is to identify the content. Identification of content depends upon various factors. You can choose any one or all of them to distinguish the content.

Scroll through the directory of articles published on your website or blog. Have a look at the topic and overview of the article. This will help you in realizing whether the article can be repurposed or not. If you need a deep insight, read the article carefully and determine your course of action.

The content is broadly categorized into evergreen, high quality, and most shared.

  • Evergreen content is the one that holds value forever. It doesn’t fade with the time.
  • High-quality content is the one that gets referenced on other blogs, websites, social media networks, and others.
  • Most shared content is self-explanatory content that receives a lot of likes, comments, and traffic.

Analyze Your Content & Categorize It

While repurposing the content, analytics play a significant role. Tools like Google Analytics provide you with an insight about the performing parameters of an article. Google Analytics will show you the stats based on real-time and extended time.

You can look for the leads generated, per day traffic over a period of time, traffic sources like organic or social media, bounce rate, conversion rate, and unique visitors over a period of time. After analyzing these parameters, you can choose the content that requires being repurposed.

Recreating Existing Content

There are newer ways for highlighting your content. These techniques are interactive, engaging and deliver more in a short span of time. Now, if you have posted an article in the past, you can restructure it and add on new ways to connect with the readers.

Here are some innovative methods for repurposing the existing content:

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation is an efficient method for explaining a stepwise process. If you have content that can be expressed this way, consider repurposing your data into a presentation.
Presentation slides have three benefits:

  • First, you can create related, high-quality content that is easy to understand. Moreover, you can allow readers to download the file as well. When the user likes your content in slides, your ROI will steadily increase.
  • Second, you can share this presentation on various slides sharing platform like SlideShare that is frequently visited by professionals.
  • Thirdly, you can share individual slides from the presentation in the form of images. This way, you can share the same content frequently with different titles and description.

Create a Video

It’s a proven fact that video makes a long-lasting impression on a reader rather than a written piece of content. Moreover, videos are interesting, and the person will not get bored watching them. Video content is more interactive, and a reader directly gets to see the results.

For example, if you have a fitness article on “How to do bench press,” don’t you think a video will be a better way to explain? Of if you have a traveling article, instead of describing a location, you can upload the video. This way, you can repurpose your previous posts and make them more appealing.

Create Infographic

Infographic can be called as an amalgamation of presentation slides into a single piece of information. It’s an image that contains all the information of an article into a condensed form. You can either repurpose content by removing the text and inserting an infographic, or you can add it along with the existing content. The key for a successful infographic is a beautiful, attractive design and well-organized information.

Create an e-book

You have some great content on your blog. It might be informative, but it is lying idle at a place where no one can view it. You can repurpose it and include it in an e-book for your subscribers and visitors. This will direct the traffic to your “ideal” blog post.

Creating an e-book is an effective strategy for increasing ROI. You can curate fresh content for an e-book and add some existing piece of content that is worth sharing.

Email Newsletter

Connecting with your subscribers is the wisest option for content marketing. Repurposing is thestrategy of content marketing. You can make use of your content for your newsletter. It may happen that it strikes a chord with a potential client and your ROI climbs up the ladder!

Images and GIF

You all know about the social image-sharing network, the most prominent being Instagram and Pinterest. Use high-quality images in your blog post. You can share these pictures on these platforms with different titles and descriptions each time you share it.

Moreover, you can assign hashtags as per the image and a particular section of the blog post. This will help in reaching out to the targeted audience. Higher reach, means higher ROI.

Sharing your Content

A higher ROI is more about marketing the content rather than writing it. Obviously informative and well-defined content is relevant, but it is more important to reach the target audience. Repurposing content involves sharing your content on different platforms in different ways.

You must have shared your content on social networking websites. But, repurposing content includes updating your content and sharing it again on these sites. Do not do it often and keep an optimum time period for the shares.

Get active in forums like Quora. These trusted forums are immensely beneficial for increased traffic and higher ROI. Answer the queries in a customized text and mention the link to your blog post.

Lastly, curate your content in such a way that it can be targeted for a different audience. For example, if you have a blog post on “Traveling Essentials,” you can devote a section for trekkers and another section for beach vacationers. This way, you reach out to a broader audience, and this is beneficial for higher ROI.

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