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Digital Marketing Tools For Your Strategy

49 Digital Marketing Tools For Your Strategy In 2018

From planning to measurement, from content creation to user relationships, from project management to process automation – in all digital marketing activities, there are tools to make your work easier.

They help to optimize day-to-day tasks and qualify strategies. However, they appear and update at such a fast pace that they cannot always keep pace with the news.

That’s why we’ve brought you a list of the top digital marketing tools you need to know for next year!

Check it out now:


1. Socialbakers

It is one of the most well-known social network management and analysis platforms. It has powerful features for creating content, interacting with the community, and analyzing metrics. It costs from $ 120 monthly and offers a free 14-day trial.

2. Hootsuite

Have you ever wanted to manage your social networks in one place? In HootSuite, it is possible! You can schedule posts (including in Instagram), interact with users, generate custom reports, and analyze results within the platform. The monthly plan costs from $ 19.00 per month, with 30 days free trial.


3. HubSpot

A worldwide reference in inbound marketing, HubSpot is a complete platform for automating marketing processes like capturing and nurturing leads, sales and customer success at every stage of your journey. Plans start at $ 50 / mo and there is a free option for beginners.


4. Quintly

It is a social network monitoring tool that offers customizable data and reports on the performance of your brand and your competitors. Plans start at $ 129 a month (for 5 social profiles) with 14 days free trial.

5. Iconosquare

Iconosquare’s focus is on Instagram performance, such as engagement, the performance of hashtags, and best times to publish, although today it also reports on Facebook. Plans start at $ 9 / month and offer 14 days of testing.

6. Cyfe

It is the most robust tool for viewing data in fully customizable dashboards, not only on social networks but also e-mails, websites and sales funnel. It’s free but offers full paid versions starting at $ 19 / month.

7. Social Mention

If you want to know what they are talking about your brand, product or another subject on social networks, Social Mention is a good free solution. Just search for a term, and the tool displays the mentions, related hashtags, and feelings involved in the posts.

8. Mention

The tool monitors, throughout the web, mentions of terms that you want to follow, such as the name of your brand or competitors. So you can analyze your reputation online and respond to users. The basic plan, of $ 29 / month, collects up to 3000 mentions.

9. Buzzsumo

Analyze the engagement in social networks of any topic or link. That way, you can understand what works best to help you create your content. It is possible to do free searches or start with a plan of $ 79 / month.


10. SEMrush

SEMrush is a complete SEO tool that allows you to analyze keywords, backlinks, and positions in Google search. You can do free searches with some limitations or opt for a paid plan (starting at $ 99.95 monthly).

11. Moz

Moz is a worldwide reference in SEO. Its tool helps monitor backlinks, search rankings, keywords, and the authority of a page or a domain. It is possible to do free searches, but paid plans (from $ 99 / month) are more complete.

12. Ahrefs

It is also a great tool for SEO analysis. Provides valuable data on domains, anchor texts, competitors’ performance on Google search and, in particular, on backlinks. The initial version costs $ 99 per month.

13. WebCEO

The SEO tool developed by the WebCEO provides data on search performance by integrating data from other platforms, such as SEMrush and Ahrefs, in one place. Plans range from $ 75 to $ 375 per month.

14. Google Search Console

Did you know that Google can help you improve your pages and perform well in the search? So it offers this free tool, which tells you how the robot reads your site, what problems it encountered, what terms attract more traffic, among other data. Completely free, to get Search Console data, you’ll need to link it to your site.


15. Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool suggests, for free, several keywords based on the term you search, depending on the country and language you want. The free version is a great way to get long tail keyword ideas, but if you want access to full word data (such as search volume and competition), the paid version (plans starting at $ 48 / month) is the best option.


It’s a lot like Keyword Tool: it offers suggestions for terms based on your search to generate new keyword ideas. But in the paid plan ($ 29 / month), it offers better suggestions of long-tail terms and semantically related words.

17. Ubersuggest

From the word you type, the tool suggests several new terms, just adding a complement to it. For example, when searching for “chair”, it suggests “white chair” and “upholstered chair”. It is ideal for multiplying lists of keywords.

18. Google Keywords Planner

To improve your performance in Google Adwords, the search engine offers this free tool for you to have new keyword ideas and check their performance in the search.

This also helps generate insights for content production and organic search.

19. Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic Tool is one of the complete tools for keyword search today. This is a SEMrush feature where you can get new keyword ideas. Besides being able to group them by topics, you can make specific searches for long tails (choosing the number of words that make up the term, for example). You can search for terms for free, but the paid plan offers more complete data.


20. MailChimp

It is one of the most popular email marketing tools. With a simple and lightweight interface, it makes it easy to create targeted campaigns, contact management and integration with other platforms. It is free for up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 submissions per month.

21. Mad Mimi

It is also a simple and easy to use email marketing tool. Its focus is on the ease of creating a beautiful and efficient layout without having to understand design. It offers a free version (100 contacts and unlimited shipments) and paid plans starting at $ 10 / month.

22. MailJet

It is another platform that allows for the creation of emails, segmentations, automation and A/B tests. But its differential is offering solutions for both email marketing and transactional emails. The free version allows unlimited contacts and up to 6000 submissions per month.

23. GetResponse

For those who want a more robust email marketing tool, this is the best option. It offers not only the creation of targeted campaigns but also of landing pages, webinars, and marketing automation. The tool is paid: it costs from $ 15 per month.

24. Hello Bar

Want to increase your mailing list? With this tool, you add a custom form on your page and convert your visitors into leads, which will then be nurtured in email marketing. It’s free to start and offers paid plans starting at $ 15 / month.


25. Bitly

URL shortcuts serve to simplify the sharing of links. But they can also reveal interesting data about the users’ interest. In bitly, which is free, you can monitor clicks and, based on them, optimize your performance.

26. TinyURL

The differential of TinyURL, which is also free, is to offer a version of the toolbar-shaped shortener, which can be added to the browser and expedite the creation of the URL. However, it does not provide user click data.


27. Google Optimize

To help you offer a better experience to visitors to your site, Google has recently released this free A / B testing tool. From there, you can test and optimize elements of your pages to improve your conversions.

28. Optimizely

Optimizely is a testing platform to try different elements on your site and choose the options that perform best with your audience. The tool is paid but offers 30 days free trial.


29. Google Analytics

One of the most famous (and used) digital marketing tools, Google Analytics allows you to analyze web data. Here you have a complete picture of your site or app’s performance and user behavior in reports on audience, content, traffic, and conversions. And all this is free! This is indispensable!

30. SimilarWeb

It also offers data analysis but is more market-focused. You can benchmark, study competitors, and discover opportunities when searching for websites and applications in the tool. There is a free version with limitations and customizable paid plans.

31. Webtrends

Webtrends is the pioneer in digital analytics. Today, it offers a robust data analysis platform on user behavior and the performance of its digital channels. It’s a paid tool, with plans starting at $ 154 a month.


32. Hotjar

Heat maps, conversion funnels, form analysis, and feedback surveys: these are some features offered by Hotjar to understand and enhance the user experience on the site. There is a free plan with the limit for data collection.

33. Crazy Egg

What do visitors actually use on your pages? Which elements drive the most conversions? When do they usually leave your site? This tool, with plans starting at $ 29 / month, offers several features to answer these questions.


34. Canva

If you think you need to be a design expert to create Facebook covers, you’re very much mistaken! Canva is an online publisher and easy to use so that anyone can create beautiful images. It offers a free version, and the paid plan costs $ 12 / month.

35. Crello

Crello also helps prove that anyone can create good images! This online editor makes it easy to design for websites, social networks, ads, and printed materials. The tool is free but offers some design elements at $ 0.99.

36. Picktochart

It is also an online image editor, but its focus is infographics. So you can turn information into attractive, visual content. The paid version costs from $ 15 / month, but the free plan is already quite satisfactory.


37. Trello

Trello transforms the management of a project into a visual and flexible framework, with all deadlines, tasks, responsibilities, and workflows. The tool is free, but the Business Class plan ($ 9.99 / month) offers some extra benefits.

38. Asana

In a simple and intuitive way, this tool offers a clear view of the teams, stages, tasks, and goals of your company’s projects. Asana is also free and offers more complete plans starting at $ 9.99 per month.


It is a complete solution for project management: task organization, cost management, time tracker, communication wall and performance indicators are some of its functionalities. The tool costs from $ 250 monthly.


40. Feedly

If it’s difficult to keep track of all blogs, portals, and channels on YouTube, Feedly can help! It aggregates, free of charge, all publications that interest your company, from topics, hashtags, and links that you want to track.

41. Google News

All the news in the world is on Google. Then, in this free tool, you can filter them by location, source, editor (eg Sports), topic (eg World Cup), and still configure notifications for each of these filters.


42. Evernote

Evernote is like the old notebook. It also serves to record and organize ideas, but also has the possibility to attach files, links, and images and share notes with the team. The Basic plan is free, and the Plus costs R $ 40 / year.

43. OneNote

OneNote is Microsoft’s free application to annotate, organize, and find ideas. It also allows you to register texts, links, images, and audios, but it is especially useful for those who use Office package programs since there is integration between them.


44. Contentools

Contentools is a platform that connects companies to freelancers and allows managing all the processes involved in the production of content, from the assembly of teams to the publication. The tool is also paid for and the values are customized.


45. Ads Manager

The Ads Manager is the advertising platform for Facebook and Instagram. With it, you can create targeted campaigns for your business, such as increasing visibility or generating leads. The collection is usually done in the CPC (Cost Per Click) model and access to the tool is free.

46. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising platform. It allows you to create sponsored link ads that appear in paid search results, or media display, that are displayed on partner sites. The CPC model is also the most used.

47. AdEspresso

An alternative to Ad Manager, AdEspresso helps you create campaigns for Facebook with a user-friendly interface, customizations, and optimization tips. The great advantage of the tool is the possibility to automate a/b tests with numerous possible combinations for ads on Facebook. Plans start at $ 49 / month with 14 days free.


But of course, you do not need them all! Our goal with this post is to show you some of the best (and best-known options on the market). The important thing here is to be clear about what your needs are for next year and how to prioritize the investment.

If social networks are important to your strategy, for example, you definitely need to use a management tool. With that in mind, it’s time to weigh pros and cons and choose the one that suits you best.

Now it’s your turn: Did we miss any important tools that are not on this list? Leave a comment with your tip!

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