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How Do You Get More Out Of Your Google AdWords Campaign?

Learn How To Get More Out Of Your Google AdWords Campaign

Do you use Google Adwords to generate more visitors to your website? Read on! In this article, we explain how to get more out of your Google AdWords campaign. For each level, we indicate which steps you can take to optimize your campaign.

Google AdWords Campaign

Search results in Google

The first 3 to 5 search results in Google are almost always paid campaigns from Google AdWords. What often happens is that the top 3 Google AdWords results also refer to the same website. The paid search results in Google are therefore increasingly shifting to a top 3 game.

CPC and Google AdWords

The popularity of Google AdWords continues to rise. This is particularly reflected in the increase in cost per click (CPC). The CPC is the highest in the financial sector. Google will, therefore, continue to increase the space for ads in the search results.

Search Engine Advertising model

The Search Engine Advertising model consists of 4 levels. We list them below and we name the most important aspects to take into account.

1. Presence in Google AdWords

Do you have limited time and limited budgets but still want to work with Google AdWords? Then you belong to this level. You have the basic knowledge of Google AdWords and you have the skills to start your Google AdWords campaign. The most important aspect to focus on is choosing the right search terms.

Choose search terms for Google AdWords

The more specific your search terms, the higher the chance of success of your Google AdWords campaign. Do you, for example, rent a server in India? Then for conversion, you can bet better on ‘cheap servers in India’ than on ‘cheap servers’. Also, check who your competitors are on the search terms. This way you can find out if you fit into this list. Perhaps the search term ‘cheap servers’ shows comparison sites for people who are in the exploratory phase. Such a Google AdWords campaign for your cheap server will, therefore, have a low success rate.

Create a good ad for Google AdWords

A Google AdWords ad is reviewed with the Google Quality Score. This includes a number of elements to assess the relevance and quality of your advertisement. The most important is the CTR or the click-through ratio. The higher this is, the more relevant Google considers your advertisement. To improve the click-through rate, you can optimize your meta-title and meta-description. Let the search term come back and use call-to-actions.

2. Results-oriented Google AdWords campaign

A level further is the implementation of a result-oriented Google AdWords campaign. It is recommended to link your Google AdWords group to the Google Analytics account at this level.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords

With Google Analytics you get insight into the statistics about your Google AdWords campaigns. How many conversions did the campaign generate, how long have visitors been on your website, and what the bounce rate is. With this data, you get an overall picture of the results of your Google AdWords campaign.

Label ad groups

You can also tag ad groups with the link between Google Analytics and Google AdWords. This way you get a good overview of which advertisements are catching on and which ones you can stop better. For example, do you see that brand-related search terms produce a lot of conversions? Then you can move your advertising budget to this group.

Google AdWords Campaign

3. Data integration into your Google AdWords campaign

Another step further is integrating data into your Google AdWords campaign. This level is already more advanced.

Involve more departments in your Google AdWords campaign

You can involve other departments of your company in your Google AdWords campaign. Think of the logistics department. For example, do you see a correlation between the stock of the product and the conversion rate of the campaign? Then it is an idea to have more of those products in stock and to increase the advertising budget.

Label products in Google AdWords

Another example of data integration with your Google AdWords campaign is labeling your products in Google AdWords. On which brands do you run a high margin? These brands may have higher CPC. You can also add labels to your pricing and stock.

Link between Google AdWords and CRM

You can use Google Analytics as the link between Google AdWords and CRM. For example, do you want to know which of your leads eventually became customers? Then it is advisable to give forms a unique number. For example, in Google Analytics you can see a handy overview and you can give the IDs the value ‘yes/no customer’. This way you know exactly which keywords have delivered the most customers.

Remarketing with Google AdWords

Remarketing makes it possible to target specifically to a target group. For example, you can only show your ad to people who have visited your website before (your application users or newsletter recipients). The number of possibilities with remarketing is large and certainly worth the effort to get started.

Call tracking in Google AdWords

Finally, it is possible to implement a free tool on your website through Google AdWords. A call tracker keeps track of search terms that your visitors use to call you from your website. This way you can further optimize your Google AdWords campaign.

4. Data-intelligence for Google AdWords optimization

The fourth level in Google AdWords is data intelligence. Do you want to get started with data intelligence for Google AdWords? Then it is important that you have collected your data on a data management platform. Here, for example, your CRM data, call center data and website interactions are linked together.

By combining data on a data management platform, it is possible to target the visitors very specifically. This can be useful in the application of advertising campaigns, and also in other departments, such as customer service.

Get started with Google AdWords

Now that we have put the 4 levels of Google AdWords in a row, it’s time to get started. Start with the first step and build your way to the top!

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