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How To Implement Inbound Marketing For Your WordPress Website?

WordPress is one of the most commonly used platforms when it comes to creating websites. A large number of websites are created on this platform. WordPress is utilized for creating all types of websites right from creating blogs, small business websites to large ecommerce websites. the best thing about WordPress is that it can be installed within minutes and one can start customizing it right away.

One of the main issues with WordPress websites is that people might find it difficult to implement inbound marketing strategies for the website. Inbound marketing helps you in getting more leads, helps you in converting them to customers and thus generates more revenue for your business.

The success of your inbound marketing does not depend on the software you are working with. It is based on the quality of content that is posted on your website, the web design of your site and the types of services you offer. With WordPress, inbound marketing can actually be simplified, here’s how…

How Does WordPress Make Inbound Marketing Easy?

If you use a standard content management system, you generally have to customize everything on your website and this can get difficult at times. Fortunately any WordPress theme will enable the website owner to download, preview and implement the themes right away! As a result of this, you get the freedom to experiment with the look and feel of your website until it fits your and your audience’s preferences.

WordPress also provides a huge number of plugins to its users. As it is open source, it is created with independent developers. WordPress provides plugins right from analyzing the on-page optimization of your website to adding image galleries to your website. People and website owners who use these plugins often provide reviews for them so that it becomes easier for you to select the right plugin to work with.

Outbound Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a great way to engage people on your website. What happens in outbound marketing is that you identify your potential customers and then start making every possible effort to make your business brand visible to them. One has to face many challenges when it comes to implementing the outbound marketing strategies.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is a strategy that concentrates on simplifying things for people to find your website an o knows about your offerings. inbound marketing sounds interesting isn’t it? every website owners would love to have a huge number of potential visitors coming to the website. however, it is important for you to know that inbound marketing is not a passive marketing strategy. Inbound marketing requires a lot of work to attain a certain level of success.

inbound marketing is based on strategies like blogging, placing related links, search engine optimization, videos etc. The main aim is to draw people to your website and convert them into repetitive visitors and customers on a long term basis.

This article brings to you some specific techniques that you can utilize for creating an effective inbound marketing strategy along with WordPress plugins for inbound marketing that aims at growing traffic of your WordPress website:

Inbound Marketing Techniques:

  • On-site content marketing
  • Off-site content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email newsletters
  • Personal branding through official blog
  • Interlinking your website and blog content
  • Including other forms of media in your content like images, infographics, videos, graphs etc.\
  • Optimizing the keywords for every web page
  • Sending informative content to the email subscribers
  • Sharing your content through social media

WordPress Plugins For Inbound Marketing:

#1 InboundWP

InboundWP marketing plugin creates a significant impact on the customer’s mind. This plugin presents images, videos, infographics and other forms of content to the viewers that is relevant to their interest. Once your viewers are engaged and interested, they don’t mind leaving their email ID and other information so that you can stay connected with them. This plugin comprises of various marketing tools that keep your customers engaged.

#2 SwiftCloud Inbound Marketing

This plugin is the ultimate inbound marketing solution. It consists of features like timed overlay popups, scroll-based slide-ups, exit-intend popups, call to action boxes and landing page toppers. All these tools are perfect for engaging your customers and making them spend more time on your website. This plugin also enables easy and quick implementation of web forms editor. With this plugin you can capture leads, sell to them offline and add to auto-responders without having to change even a single line for code.

#3 WordPress Landing Pages

You can use this plugin individually or you can use it in combination with plugins like WordPress Calls to Action and WordPress Leads. If you use this plugin in combination with other plugins, you will be able to establish a free lead generation system for your business. As the name suggests, this plugin provides a platform for creating and adding landing pages for your WordPress website. This landing page plugin is crafted keeping the inbound marketing strategies in mind. This plugin is phenomenal when it comes to driving more leads and converting them into customers.

#4 Inbound Brew

This is an all in one online marketing plugin that comprises of SEO and inbound marketing tools. Marketers and small business owners can gain a lot of benefits as they can improve their website and blog through customized forms, CTA buttons, emails, lead generation and management and much more. This plugin provides features like push posts for social media that can be scheduled immediately, customized call-to-action buttons, customized landing pages, customized forms and lead capturing, automation of emails and delivering secure content, lead generation, SEO management etc.

#5 Content Resharer

Content Resharer is a marketing automation plugin that shares your content automatically on the basis of a pre-defined interval. This plugin is very helpful for engaging your audience on social media, increase you followers and for generating more inbound traffic. You can post either new or existing content and all your content can be reshared automatically. You can determine a custom schedule for your posts to be shared. You also have the option of excluding some posts or categories if you don’t want them to be shared. You can easily add custom post messages, titles and links so that your posts can reach out to a large number of people and can be shared easily.

Over To You

Inbound marketing is an important part of your overall online marketing success. When you start inbound marketing for your business, it will be more of a trial and error initially and eventually you will come to know what works best for your business. The WordPress plugins mentioned in this article will help you to carefully plan your inbound marketing strategies along with keeping your visitors engaged.

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