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How to Reuse Landing Page Videos to Maximize Customers?

effective ways to use videos for the content marketing

Landing page videos are heavily used to increase conversions, especially in marketing efforts, and as a result, there is a need for improvement in the use of landing page videos. In addition, there has been an increase in the use of landing page animations in the past few years. 

Therefore, an increase in those generating them has also been significant. Video is linked to an increase in sales, according to 80% of video marketers.

Landing page videos are highly effective when used correctly. They are easy to create and can be used differently by different audiences. 

The following tips will help you can effectively use landing page videos:

  1. Use animation like marionettes and puppets. This will give life to your animated video so that viewers can still interact with it even if they don’t have internet access.
  2. Use transitions so that the animation itself doesn’t stop along with your video. It should be seamless like a movie or something like that where it ends on a cut out instead of cutting out at specific points.
  3. Use multiple frames for each video segment to make it look more realistic (therefore increasing your chances of converting).
  4. Use short frames (frames less than 5 seconds each) as these will help you achieve a quick response time and make it easier for viewers to see what they’re watching while they browse through your content, aiming ultimately at their attention.
  5. You can end up having similar content on several pages so that viewers don’t feel they’ve seen everything on one single page.

Landing Page Videos

Feel free to jump off of this page because I think this post will blow your mind. However, as a side note, I believe that the “landing page videos,” as they are called, are a legitimate thing to use in marketing and business. 

While it may not be the main thrust of my post, I believe it can be used on landing pages to enhance those pages.

Let’s start with a straightforward example:

Imagine designing a landing page (or any type of web page) for an online store. You can have it be about something very personal or very generic, or even something about nothing at all. In either case, your goal as the designer is to give customers something to look at and interact with.

You can do this by using a custom animated explainer video as the first piece of content. The video explains what you sell and why you sell it, how it works, how it differs from other products you offer, how it was created, etc.

The video itself will show up in various places around the site, in banner ads (with relevant keywords); direct-to-consumer emails (for example, if you sell electronics); social media posts (for example, if you sell electronics). 

And perhaps most importantly, on your website itself! (For example, if you run a jewelry store, the site might feature videos of people wearing your jewelry.)

Upon viewing this video, customers will see what your product is all about and what makes it so great. They will also have a good idea of whether or not they would like to buy from you. 

If so, they would click on some links that take them back to where they came from before hitting the “Buy Now” button. This way, they don’t have to go through all the steps again if they decide they want to purchase from you later on.

This strategy is easy enough for anyone who has designed landing pages before – but there are many benefits that these videos can offer businesses who decide to use them:

1) They provide customers with top-quality information in just 6 seconds per video, without any text! This means less time wasted on the irrelevant reading text while still getting information quickly enough for people who want it right away! 

2) They help build brand awareness! Your brand should be known by now, so showing people

How to Create an Effective Landing Page Video?

A landing page video is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and generate leads. So let’s discuss how to create a compelling landing page video that explains your brand and captures the attention of potential customers.

It is important to understand why your customers should buy from you. First, find out what they desire and why they need it. It’s essential to consider their needs to explain your products or services adequately.

If you don’t know the answers, then you’ll never be able to convince them that your product or service is worth buying.

So, how can you solve this problem? Creating an animated explainer video that shows how your product works and how it eases their lives.

Nowadays, many online businesses want their customers to feel welcomed and comfortable with them on their website by providing them with an animated explainer video. A simple animation can make things easier for website visitors and help them understand what the site is about. 

You can find different types of animation videos on the internet, varying in quality and attention-grabbing features depending on the target audience they are aimed at. 

For example, if a company targets teenage boys, it will perhaps try out a story-driven animation rather than a cartoon-style one. 

On the other hand, a company that wants its website visitors to feel engaged while browsing through its pages will use colorful backgrounds with dynamic animation effects. It would be best if this animation weren’t too distracting for website visitors! 

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Tips to Increase Video Landing Page Conversions

1) Repeat the same video over and over again until your page visitors click on the “Continue” button. This is the best way to drive traffic to the page. 

Places like Youtube, Facebook, and Google’s YouTube are beneficial for this because you can use a shortcode to embed videos into your landing pages in a simple way. 

(The shortcode is an extension of HTML code that lets you embed video content into your page and surf it from anywhere.) 

2) Create a landing page video for each one of your products. This will provide you with repeat sales to your existing customers. What’s more, after that, you can use this video to promote your products throughout the rest of your website virtually. 

A great way to boost conversions to your landing page is to let visitors discover and interact with your projects directly from the landing page.

3) Use different categories on the same page. You can drive visitors directly to your store’s area with this approach. It is a very effective strategy to gradually add more products or services to your website without creating another landing page.

Each of them will have its own menu that visitors can navigate through. In addition, when a visitor clicks on the category link, they will be directed to your store. You can do that in different ways:

a) When creating a stretch goal for your website, use language tags on the product taglines. These tags will help visitors determine whether they wish to buy are available. 

This can be particularly effective if the products are not on sale at the moment.

b) If you’re selling a travel guide, having category options such as “Travel” and “Adventure” will be helpful because they will help you maintain audience interest.

Four ways to increase conversions with video landing pages

four ways to increase conversions with video landing pages

Clarify your goals

Conversions are best driven through video. It can be a powerful way to engage people, convey the value of your product, and make them feel like they are part of your story. But it’s not always clear just how effective videos are for converting.

Telling stories about your product depends on where you want to take them.

  • Are you persuading people to buy?
  • Can you convert them into paying customers?

In most cases, the answer is “yes.” So if your goal is the conversion into paying customers, then it’s likely that a custom animated explainer video will be an excellent tool for you. 

Choose the Right Style of Video

Your landing page design is probably one of the most important things you can do. When you explain to your potential customer what your product is all about, you should consider getting a video on your landing page. 

For example, in this situation, the video explains the benefits of using your product and how it can benefit their lives.

As we all know, not everyone wants to watch a 30-second animation of someone else explaining something. Many people prefer watching a video instead (and many more people like that over reading a few words).

Some companies have found success with animated explainer videos as well (a good example is here), but there are various ways to do it:

  • Animated explainer videos can be done well on different platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop)
  • You can use the same animation for different platforms
  • Animated explainer videos are helpful when there is no other option (e.g., with mobile phones and smart TVs)
  • They allow you to focus on visuals and graphics rather than a text-based copy and remove any need for additional copywriting, which is time-consuming and sometimes repetitive.

Furthermore, a text-based copy can also easily be fixed by adding images into the design yourself if necessary. 

If done correctly, animated explainer videos work very well in situations where users generally don’t have time for lengthy explanations.

Video Positioning – Add Above the Fold

The world of video has evolved to a point where it’s easier than ever to create a video that will explode on your landing page and help users understand the value of your product. 

Even though there has been an understanding of how people watch videos, there is still a lot to realize.

Sellers have difficulty understanding how people handle different clips or watch a clip and not revert to the Play Next and Rewind options. This makes sense because, with Words-To-Video translations, we are far too often doing things by rote.

Most of the stuff that most video analysis tools do is still based on two or three sources, i.e., watching something online on YouTube, then testing its conversion rate in Google Analytics to see which of the two techniques “maps the best.”

To go from seeing slides with one link to seeing these animated slides with another link will be done in seconds as you can set up different click-to-play sequences if you want and include green or red overlays on the slides as needed. 

Show Your Audience The Benefits

video landing pages benefits

Take the time to understand what your audience is experiencing and make sure you can help them with it.

By knowing what your audience is going through, you can figure out what they can do about it. However, to explain the benefits to someone personally, you need to know what is going on.

If you want to make videos that your audience wants to watch, focus on making them. You can use analytics to figure out how much people pay attention. You should try to use A/B testing whenever you can to improve your conversions over time.

Make sure you pay attention to what people are trying to do. For example, someone searched online to find more information about a particular subject. 

If you can write something that people will find helpful, you can appear in search results. And if the keyword you’re targeting has commercial intent, the searcher is even more likely to click on your ad and buy something.


Landing page videos are the perfect way to help people understand your service or product. That’s right — your landing page video can help you build trust with customers.

The point is, though, landing page videos are genuine and really powerful when used correctly. More than just a means of educating your audience, a landing page video can put heavy pressure on them to consider your offer for their reasons. 

If you want your sales team to have a shot at winning new business — then you need to make sure they know whom they are dealing with and what can be expected of them when they get there.

The short version of this is that the best way to create a successful landing page video is by putting it into service as an educational tool for the sales team in question. 

Once this happens and is achieved, it becomes all but impossible for someone else not to side with you to make money on their own time and sanity as well!

The Author

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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