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Choosing Keywords to Improve the Positioning of a Website in Search Engines

When you create content for your website, you should consider choosing keywords that are more appropriate. Thus, when users perform a search, they will find your website more easily. As we saw in the article, Google Trends: 4 ways to do market research, the tool can help us to know what keywords to use in the content for better benefits.

The places where we have to use those keywords on our site are in the TITLE tag, headings (H1, H2 …), bold , links , etc., in addition to the DESCRIPTION label and own META tag of keywords but make sure that you do not spam your content with keyword stuffing because search engines can understand when we are using the chosen keywords correctly and when are doing keywords spam.

Which keywords you should choose?

You must focus on the keywords that are in a small group and thus give importance to the keywords that you think can attract more users.

Not to choose the keywords that ensure great numbers of competition, since surely the same keyword is being used by your competitors. Therefore, a good tip is to restrict our choice to an area where we have more commercial interests. For example, if we make home delivery of food in your city, you need to add the name of a city or neighborhood locations.

Do the research and choose long tail keywords that have more searches.

What keywords are the most sought?

Think of a computer store. If located in Nashik, we would try as “Computers in Nashik“. Although other variants may be, “Computer Store Nashik” or “Computer Shops Nashik“, what would you choose?

With Google Trends, you could know what most users are looking for, and although it does not only quantify the number of searches, it provides the graphic of the use of keywords and compares them with each other. You may not know how many times the search for “computer store” or “computers shop” is done but know what is looking more relevant to each other. To do this, access Google Trends on, add the terms, computers store and computers shop. We can also see the main terms consulted very easily.

Google Trends will show you which term is most searched at a specific location of the regions or countries, a good clue as to what words to choose depending on where in the world you want to promote yourselves. In the example, you easily see that “computer store” is used more in Karnataka, while “computer shop” is used more in West Bengal.

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