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How To Check Website Traffic? Tools & Insights

website traffic

Most enterprises now rely on online traffic for more sales. With the growing use of internet today, it is really important to know your audience to market your business well. Regardless of the size of the business, every entrepreneur is now focusing on their online portals to grab the share of the market.

If you are aware of how to check website traffic, maximizing sales metrics and measures will be helpful for your business. With the help of different tools and metrics like Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, AHREF traffic checker and many more, you can analyze the website traffic source.

The world market is open to you and there are countless possibilities but to leverage that you need an understanding of your website traffic. This will help you to earn more revenue and nurture business growth. The online market is becoming competitive as more and more businesses are going online; this is where the relevance of traffic monitoring becomes clear. Get to know the exact number of people visiting your website and purchasing the products and services from you.

You need better insights to plan your next move smartly!

Knowing your traffic sources will help you to set goals for your business effortlessly. The market has a plethora of choices when it comes to tools for checking website traffic.

Why to Track Website Traffic of Competitors?

Understanding your competitor’s website traffic isn’t just a mere exercise; it’s an insightful venture into the digital landscape that can sharpen your strategic edge. Here’s why it’s pivotal:

Content Insights: Peeking into the most visited pages and posts of your competitors not only quenches curiosity but unveils golden content opportunities waiting to be explored.

Keyword Goldmines: Discover the keywords that your competitors have staked their claim on. This isn’t about mimicking them but understanding the terrain and maybe, just maybe, finding richer mines they’ve overlooked.

Traffic Channel Dynamics: Discerning which channels pump the most traffic to your competitors can guide you in optimizing your outreach, ensuring you aren’t shouting in a quiet room when there’s a bustling conference next door.

Leveraging this wealth of data doesn’t just offer a roadmap; it’s akin to having a blueprint in the vast world of digital marketing. Grasping the traffic patterns of your competitor illuminates paths for your own brand’s journey, ensuring you’re always getting higher website traffic. 

Without investing in website analytics, you cannot secure a safe place for your business in today’s competitive market niche. First, you must know how to check website traffic. For that, we have shared the above blog with effective measures.

Best Tools to Check Website Traffic

Here are some traffic-checking tools that can be helpful in tracing the real status of your online business.

Google Analytics

This is a free tool. You can integrate Google Analytics into your website through your Google account and it will start showing many important traffic insights. It is one of the best analytical tools to check website traffic on Google. If your site is indexed on Google, figure out and track the traffic sources easily. The Google Analytics Tool is one of the best choices for tracing the traffic trends of your business. From listed data to graphical presentations, you will find all varieties of reports with this one.

Google Analytics I recommend the preferred option because of its user-friendly interface. But before that, it is essential to understand the process of how to check website traffic on google analytics. It is because there are chances where users will get stuck.

For advanced analysis and data-driven attributes, one has to opt for the paid Google Analytics 360 version. Even with the Google Analytics Free version, you will get a thorough analysis of all the data that can be downloaded as well.

At a glance you will be able to see:

  • A clear view of how your website is performing online.
  • Real time traffic information.
  • The most popular website pages.
  • The locations of your website traffic.

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Website Stats Through

If you have opted for Linux shared hosting, you will get the cPanel control panel with it. cPanel provides AWStats that displays the website traffic statistics for your domain. These statistics include:

  • Number of average monthly, daily and hourly visitors
  • Links through which the visitors access your website
  • HTTP codes used
  • Visitors operating systems
  • Browser information
  • Location of the visitors

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Sometimes, even after implementing the best marketing strategies, the businesses fail to achieve the desired goals. This is when measuring the traffic trends become all the more important. Alexa is an SEO and competitive analysis solution that offers a comprehensive range of traffic analysis solutions.

Check the geo-distribution of your traffic and get to know about the organic traffic generation through the useful analytical tools of Alexa. You can try the free version of Alexa. You can always opt for the 14 days trial version of the advanced solution for more data before buying it.


No matter if you have a single website or multiple, SEMRush offers comprehensive business solutions for all. This suite of business solutions can be a way to conduct SEO audits, backlink analysis, raking tracking, and more. One of the most useful applications of SEMRush remains the traffic analytics tool that helps find several parameters of website traffic.

From the total number of visits paid by an individual customer to the average visit duration of each visitor, you can trace a wide range of parameters with this analytics tool. You also get to know about the data related to the page per visit, unique visitors and bounce rates from this analytics tool.

To check the traffic of multiple websites at a time, you can use the SEMRush tool for bulk traffic analysis. This tool can help you understand the geo-distribution of traffic, individual behavior of the customers, and more to enlighten you on the business trends. You will get 10 searches for free, and beyond that, you have to get a paid account of this tool.


If you are looking for a complete SEO solution with analytical tools, Sitechecker can be your one-stop choice. Besides offering an in-depth SEO analysis, this one can also provide you with adequate traffic analysis data. The most prominent tools of this site are Site Monitoring, Backlink Tracker tools, and Rank Tracker. You will have to pay to avail of these tools.

However, several free features are also available with Sitechecker. One of those free tools is a traffic checker. You can easily trace the quantity and quality of the traffic with the help of this solution. It makes gauging the parameters like traffic overview, engagement, country-specific traffic, top keywords and source-based traffic easier.

Similar Web

Similar Web is a dedicated traffic analysis tool that offers an in-depth insight into the quantity and quality of the traffic of any website. Its singular focus on traffic analysis makes it apt for those looking for a traffic analysis tool alone.

With its free version, you will get 5 reports per metric, 3 months of web traffic data and 1 month of app data. To get beyond this, you have to opt for the paid version of Similar Web. Besides offering the basic metric analysis data, Similar Web also provides reports about your closest competitors online.


If getting an overall view of your website’s performance is on your mind, settling for this SEO solution suit would be ideal. From traffic analysis to SEO effectiveness, visibility, traffic trends, keyword trends, top pages and more, you will get a lot of data related to your website here.

Both the paid and free versions of SerpStat are available. If you wish to work with the free version, you will have to open an account registering your name, email address, etc. To get more options and more detailed data, you will have to opt for the paid version of this SEO solution suit. However, the paid plans do not come with any free trial version.


SERanking is a comprehensive SEO solution suite that offers detailed reports on SEO ranking, traffic trends, track ranking ad more about your website. If you are interested to know more than just traffic trends, this tool can help you in many ways. The best part about this tool is the graphical presentations of data that offers an easy understanding of the trends.

This solution offers a free version with limited access to data reports. If you wish to explore the full range of facilities available with SERanking, opt for the paid versions. Once you sign up for the three paid plans available, you will get a 14 days free trial for either of the plans.


UberSuggest is another SEO solution suite that offers plenty of analytic tools to provide you with an insight into your business. From understanding the number of people visiting your website to knowing the right keywords to frame the content, UberSuggest can help you to create a good online reputation in many ways.

This one comes available in both free and paid versions. While with the free version, you can check the traffic reports of three websites at most, the paid version offers a broader opportunity. To access every tool available with UberSuggest, you can choose the 7-days free trial run provided. This solution offers three separate paid plans for individuals, agencies, and companies.


Are you looking for a single solution to check website traffic of multiple projects?

If so, this one can be an ideal choice for you. WebCEO makes sure that you get an in-depth knowledge of all the parameters influencing your business performance. Ideal for individuals and agencies, this tool does not allow a direct competitor’s website analysis.

You can access the competitor metric only when you create a project. You can either opt for the free version or the paid version. However, WebCEO does not offer a trial version before opting for the paid plans.

Closing Lines: How to Check Website Traffic?

Without investing in website analytics, you cannot secure a safe place for your business in today’s competitive market niche. Make sure to choose the best analytics tool for measuring the traffic trends to keep control of your business. The market remains volatile all the time. Hence, keeping a watch on the traffic trends will help you bypass the sudden challenges or changes that the market might offer at any time. Pick the best traffic analysis tool for your business and plan your business growth strategically.

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