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Participating in the Marathon of SEO

SEO Marathon

Why many of us give up so soon?

While SEO is a considered to be a daunting task, but there are ways around this, focusing on certain points can bring results a little faster. This will maintain high self-esteem and will be an incentive to apply more in your other SEO activities.


How to do this? Focus on four points:

Doing as little as possible for your SEO work

Once you have identified the problems on your site or shortage in critical areas, you will have to correct them (and this correction should be done quickly) and then keep checking if they are still certain, but you probably will not have extensive work to do every week. The concept of doing as little as possible in SEO is very interesting. Focus more on critical issues to be fixed.

Setting up a Blog on your Website

If you do not have one, start today! You know your product, industry, and consumers (hopefully know!). Write about subjects that you know, and content that you think your audience would be interested in. As we always say everything is a matter of trial! Content and frequency of posts that work for a blog, may not work for another. If you already have a blog, focus most of their efforts in creating quality content, and analyze the traffic that each post has as well as the number of visits your blog brings to your homepage and pages of services and prices. Remember if:

Companies that increase their activity on the blog by 3-5 times to 6-8 times a month, almost double the number of potential customers.

Social Media Participation

This point has full regard to the former, it has to do with creating content and stand out. When you create a good story, you generate a link to it by sharing the post on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, etc. They will help search engines like Google to determine what your site it about, help in increasing reliability and better rank for the terms (keywords) that you want to rank for in search engines. You should not try to be on all social networks, especially if you just overload the department of social media for your business, but having a presence in some of them is non-negotiable. If you are already on social networks, continue with good work! Your success here is definitely on in how you do in the previous item.

Companies that have over 1,000 likes on Facebook also receive about 1,400 hits on the site per day.

Mobile Friendly Website

The forecast is that traffic from mobile search will soon overtake desktop traffic, so you have to prepare for it and provide a good user experience for mobile users, with an organized and well-designed site that loads faster and content focused on those visitors. Otherwise, they will probably leave your webpage and land on your competitors’ website. Use Google Analytics to understand how visitors are accessing your website from mobile devices, and be surprised with the result.

50% of all mobile searches are motivated by the search for local results, and 61% of these searches end up buying a product.

The Author

A Journalist Specializing in Blogging, Social Networking and Community Management. As a constant learner, Pravin is always aiming towards new ideas and greater knowledge. When he is not doing research, reading, or writing for blogs, you can find him hanging around social media sites.

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