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SEO: How your potential customers find your business on Google?

One of the main issues while doing the SEO work is finding potential customers and consumers who make searches on Google for the solutions, products, services and businesses looking for. No one better than Google itself can answer this question.

The company analyzed the data of companies registered in the Google My Business service and finds important information about the behavior of searches. According to the study, potential customers and buyers who use Google are divided into two types: those that make generic searches from categories, products or services (80%) and those who do direct searches using the company name, brand  or address (20%).

Preference for local businesses

Another significant finding is that 82% of users seeking information on business give preference to local companies. The utilization of this feature has been increased in recent years because of the growth of Internet access from smartphones as the integration of search with the Google map service (Google Maps), a trend that has been called Local search marketing or search marketing site.

The findings are an important reference to guide the digital marketing strategies. Compare, for example, the data with the source of traffic to your website or e-commerce store. If it is right, there is a strong brand recognition by customers and it should be used with emphasis on SEO and advertising campaigns.

SEO Opportunity

On the other hand, if the traffic comes from the more generic Google search, this is an opportunity to invest in improving the positioning of your site in Google searches related to your products and services. Stay tuned to the terms that are most used in searches and use them on the website contents (texts, images, videos, etc.).

If your company is a “shopping street” (bar, restaurant, clothing store, bakery, laundry, etc.), pay attention also to the local search (site search) because the closer your potential customer is, the more are the chances to contact and close business.

Google Analytics

Study and compare traffic with Google Analytics and evaluate the opportunities to improve SEO in searches.

One tip that will help a lot is to register your business on Google My Business, a free service that will automatically associate the data of your company (postal address, phone number, hours of operation) the search results and other services like Google Maps and Google Street View.

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