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The Secret to a High-Converting Website

secret to high converting website

The primary goal of a business site is to convert prospects into leads and customers who later place orders. However, setting up a website with a high conversion rate depends on your commitment to the business and testing different aspects to identify what works for you.

Remember that there are multiple variables that affect the conversion rate of any given business site. One of the topmost business nerds, Jeremy Abel, once said that a business website without conversion rate optimization is similar to a car that does not have wheels.

In addition, many business websites are performing exceptionally following the energy imposed on the sites by the business owners.

The good news in town is that business enthusiasts have carried out a detailed analysis regarding the performance of business websites. Below is how some high converting websites perform and what they put into practice to enhance their performance.

Statistics on How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

According to the analysis carried out on Google search, there is a lot of detailed research that has already been done to enhance your conversion rate optimization. However, you need to focus on doing your research since your prospects may respond differently.

Below are some of the top case studies that are meant to enhance the performance of your digital marketing campaigns through your business site. Let’s analyze them in detail!

1) The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is the forefront of your business website that appears once prospects log in. This part has a significant contribution in helping visitors access your business site. However, this part can kill the landing page’s performance by asking visitors to click on other parts.

Studies have revealed that you can enhance the performance of your navigation bar by eliminating the navigation menus from all the landing pages on your site. One of the companies operating in South Africa recorded a significant conversion rate after the bar was removed.

Also, the conversion rates on the sign-up page doubled since visitors got it easy to access the business website. This has proved that eliminating the menu bar on your landing pages can enhance the conversion rate without any adverse effects.

However, you don’t eliminate the navigation bar on the entire business site. You only need to ensure that prospects can access your landing page easily without going into much detail. Only remove the bars on your landing pages and leave the other navigation bars across the website.

2) Images

Data visualization elements such as images play a major role in the performance of any business site. However, they can also disrupt potential clients from accessing your call to action, which is a vital entity on your business site.

To be safer, always ensure that you have selected your images carefully and control the number of images you are using to prevent your landing pages from becoming cluttered. It has been revealed that removing a single image on your business site increased conversion by about 400%.

Crafting a leaner landing page is considered an incredible way of enhancing your conversion rate. However, identifying the specific parts of the page that enhance the conversion rate is difficult.

On the flip side, identifying the parts of the landing page affecting its performance is not a walk in the park. All you have to do is carry out diligent tests to identify the required touchpoints contributing to your landing pages’ success and failure.

3) Seek for Positive Criticism from Your Customers

Customers play a significant role in the growth and development of your business. Also, your regular customers are the best advisors during your business site optimization. Note that monitoring how prospects interact with your site is a very crucial aspect.

The only thing that remains unclear is why the customers behave in a particular manner when interacting with your business site. The best way to get answers to your multiple questions is to seek further information from your regular customers.

The answers you get from your customers are likely to give you surprising insights that will help you enhance the well-being of your business site. You need to come up with a series of questions that will help you gather insights from your customers.

Also, you can peruse through your customer funnel to get a clear picture of your customer experience. You need to focus on your customer views and make them your immediate priority. Ensure that you use the feedback you get from your customers on your landing pages.

4) Make Use of Visuals and Enhance Trust and Engagement

Even though visuals enhance the well-being of a business website, it is vital to ensure that you choose the best visuals the rhyme the site. Focus on acquiring visuals capable of establishing trust and customer engagement in your business website.

Portray clear images of the products and services that you are dealing with. Most prospects are always interested in having a look at how your products look like. Ensure that the landing pages have clear pictures of your products accompanied by a short description.

Also, incorporate high-quality images of the upbeat people in a good mood. Including the images of happy individuals plays a major role in increasing the conversion rate across your business site.

It is true that there are many forms of images that you can incorporate into your landing pages. It depends on the type of selection that you choose to support the growth of your business brand and your goals when it comes to conversion.

Remember that images are not the only best type of visuals you can choose; you can also opt to go for videos, infographics and charts like: Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pareto Analysis, Cash Flow Chart, Likert Scale, Data Flow Chart, etc, which is a powerful tool in enhancing your marketing campaigns. However, ensure that the type of videos you choose relates to the kind of business you are operating.

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What High Converting Websites Do

There are lots of high converting websites available in the market. Besides, the high converting websites have some of the secrets they consider to enhance their conversion rate. Let’s look at the top hacks used by the high converting websites!

1) Use of Clear Concepts and Value Propositions

The high converting websites tell prospects directly more about their business and what makes their services and products stand out among other businesses. Note that the more prospects get informed regarding your business operations, the more they feel comfortable with your business.

When visitors get fast-hand information regarding your company, they can easily make prudent purchasing decisions. Also, this increases the number of visitors who get their way to your business sit, increasing the rate of conversion.

Moreover, once a business has identified what makes its products and services unique from its competitors, visitors get convinced to make their purchasing decisions. Note that value propositions make visitors gain confidence in your business.

2) The Use of Attractive Web Designs

Your business websites give visitors a clear picture of your business on the ground. Any business website that converts makes good use of web design to give prospects an exceptional picture of your business.

Exceptional web design pulls potential clients to take a look at the business and the kind of products and services it is offering. Note that people want information fast once they have entered your business site.

This is a clear indication that the speed of the page is essential in enhancing the conversion rate. Also, you need to use a responsive design since many people on the internet use their phones. You need to incorporate a responsive design to entice the internet users to take a converting step.

The layout design you choose needs to be engaging in nature to enable visitors to find the information they are looking for much faster. Most high converting websites use white space as a rest stop for the eyes while perusing through the site.

3) Incorporate Noticeable Call-to-Acton

Visitors tend to convert much faster when they clearly understand what you want them to do. This is why it is crucial to incorporate an actionable call to action to enable people to peruse the site and take some actions.

Your business website might be having some fruitful information that visitors are interested in. However, if the site lacks the call to action button, the visitors are not able to identify the way forward regardless of the fact that they have an interest in it.

A high converting website has a noticeable call to action button that gives prospects multiple opportunities to convert into sales. Remember that the CTA button works like a guide that enables users to take the next critical step once they visit the business website.

To be safer, you can establish a page with a series of CTA buttons, such as giving them a room to shop, get started, sign up, and many more.

Examples of High Converting Websites

1) Discord

Discord is a popular application that mainly targets gaming and the entire streaming industry. The app has a free voice and texting platform that gives its users a platform to interact freely through chatting.

One of the major things that makes Discord unique is the excellent grasp of its market and showcasing its fun and attractive web design. The platform has multiple crisp graphics and engaging animations that enhance collaboration with its audience.

It has an incredible fast page load speed that initiates navigation across the page. Also, the site knows the most critical aspects that excite its target audience. The site has both free, and premium offers that give influencers an excellent streaming platform.

The Discord landing pages have been made with a sleek design and a bunch of white space that gives the eyes a chance to rest. CTAs and value propositions also persuade visitors to take actionable decisions.

2) Rookwood

This is one of the most successful companies popularly known for producing beautiful pottery and tiles that are meant for home use. The company has successfully launched a successful business website recording a significant conversion rate.

The website is filled with enticing and catchy images of their products. Rookwood has managed to put up the images of their best designs with a simple navigation bar that is easy to use. In addition, the website has a muted color scheme that makes the images appealing.

The Rookwood business website has a clear history behind the company’s formation and what makes it unique among other companies across the industries. The about us page elaborates a clear picture of the process involved in pottery crafting and more information on the reserving tours.

Potential visitors can click on the CTA button giving you an option to learn more about the company and its operations. There is also a form where visitors are requested to fill in their information.

3) RealSpace

The RealSpace website is known for creating exceptional 3D animations and renders that are mainly used by architectural companies. The site has a beautiful portfolio for 3D images using their clean designs to persuade potential clients.

The site has a blog that incorporates a bunch of 3D images to showcase to its visitors. It has a minimalist layout that aids in creating an attractive site. When you scroll down a little bit on the homepage, you will identify unique points regarding the company services together with a CTA button.

The CTA button links the portfolio, service pages, and a contact form where you can fill in your contact details. RealSpace has used easy-to-understand and straightforward procedures that make the conversion process a simple thing to execute.

Final Verdict!

There are many business websites recording high converting rates depending on the strategies they use in their sites. To enhance the performance of your business site in terms of performance, you need to test various aspects to identify the things that work for your site.

Note that this depends on the business you are operating and the customers you are dealing with. Below are some of the major hacks that you can implement and how the high converting websites perform.

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