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5 Tools For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Freelancer

5 Tools For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Freelancer

We know that the idea of working from home is tempting, but many are still afraid to play in the freelance life and end up getting lost in it. If you have thought about this possibility, know that there are some tools that can help you at work, helping you to focus more on tasks and control your expenses.

Yes, because being a freelancer is not that simple. It’s as complicated as working on a regular job, but to help you, we’ve listed 7 apps to get you started in the freelance world with everything! Check out:

1 – Gmail + Drive + Docs + Calendar

With a Google email account, you can greatly streamline your life as a freelancer. Email, Hangout, Drive, Calendar, and Docs are some of the features offered. The best thing is that it’s all integrated, you do not have to open several software at the same time to work.

A good thing is Google Docs, with this service you can share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets without any mystery – and the team can follow the changes and contribute in real time.

Google Calendar is also spectacular! It notifies EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING! Do you know that you scheduled a meeting on Monday at 10 am? You will not forget! An email at 9:50 will appear in your inbox reminding you about the meeting. It’s magic!

2 – Trello

To manage tasks this is a very good tool. The Trello is very easy to use and also has a version for the smartphone. That way, if you are traveling, it is much easier to follow the progress of your tasks. It is possible to establish dates for the delivery of the works, to mark the members of the team, to create check-list, to carry out the image upload, to comment and much more. If you use an agile methodology, you can also use plugins to account for hours and to-do scores.

3 – Slack

If you have to deal with a large team, Slack is a good contact option. It is possible to centralize the communication through the tool and it also has APP for the smartphone. Other than that the interface is user-friendly and you can delete the messages whenever you want. Do you know that the response you wrote while running ended up missing a few words?

You can change it!

4 – StayFocusd Chrome Extension

A problem to focus on your tasks? Rest assured that with StayFocusd it will be much easier to avoid distractions. It’s an extension to Google Chrome and will help you realize how much time you’ve wasted on social networking, for example. He gets a kick out of those bad guys, trying to get a basic break, you know? Worth using!

5 – Hootsuite

Are you on social media sites and thinking about getting a freelance? HootSuite is an interesting platform for scheduling posts and tracking brand names on networks.  With it, you can schedule tweets, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook posts, too.

[+] Important tips:

– Hold weekly meetings with your freelances to align the agenda. If you provide service to a company that is in another city, use Skype or the Hangout, but do not forget the face-to-face services – eye in the eye is still better;

– Make your work a priority. Identify the time when you are most productive. It will be easier to align the leisure with your freelance in that case;

Is it monotonous to work from home?

Do something different, awaken your creativity! How about spending the afternoon in a coffee shop? The aroma of the coffee, the people and the environment itself is inspiring. Try it!

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