Docker vs Kubernetes – Understand the Difference

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November 30, 2022

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Docker vs Kubernetes
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If you are fond of cloud native technologies, then Docker and Kubernetes are two popular software tools. Docker is a platform as a service product (PaaS) where applications are used on containers. On the other hand, Kubernetes is an orchestration( An automated process for taking siloed data from multiple storage locations) platform that manages multiple containers. Now, you might have a question: what’s the exact difference between the two?

To give you more highlights about Docker vs Kubernetes, we have curated this blog for you. Scroll down and explore more information on the same.

First, let us understand the definitions of Docker and Kubernetes. After reading this intro, we will have a look over their fundamental differences. 

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source platform based on Linux containers. It is used to develop, ship and run applications inside containers. You can deploy as many containers simultaneously on the given host and MilesWeb is the reliable web hosting provider where you can deploy as many containers.

Containers are lightweight and very fast as there is no requirement of extra loads on the hypervisor as compared to virtual machines. It is because they run directly within the host machine’s kernel.

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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source platform where you can manage containerized workloads and services. In businesses and companies, there are multiple containers running on different hosts simultaneously. Thereby, it becomes a difficult thing to manage all containers together. Kubernetes takes care of scaling and failover for your application running on the container.

The Fundamental Difference: Docker vs Kubernetes

The very basic difference between Docker vs Kubernetes is that the Kubernetes run across a cluster of nodes while Docker only functions at a single node. Remember that Docker is a popular container platform and Kubernetes only manages containerized workloads. It can work with any containerization technology and also helps with the Docker networking, load-balancing, security and scaling across all nodes which helps in running your containers ( An unit of software that packages code and its dependencies).

What Does Docker Do?

Building the container image: Docker creates an image for the container, its blueprint and includes everything that is needed to run an application with elements like binaries, scripts, dependencies, configuration, environment variables, configuration and many more. If you want to run a multi-container application, there is a tool called Docker Compose. These tools have strong CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) pipeline integration with code repositories (like GitHub).

  • Image sharing: Docker Hub is a registry service provided by Docker for finding and sharing container images. The Docker Hub is similar to GitHub in terms of functionality.
  • Docker Engine runs containers on Macs and Windows PCs, Linux and Windows servers, the cloud, and on edge devices. Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project container, the leading open-source container runtime, is the foundation of Docker Engine.                                                   
  • Integrated container orchestration: Docker Swarm manages a cluster of Docker Engines (typically on different nodes). This is where Kubernetes overlaps.

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What is the purpose of Kubernetes?

To automate the deployment and management of containerized applications, businesses utilize Kubernetes. A DevOps team may instruct Kubernetes on how to assign the necessary resources in advance rather than having to manually manage each container in a cluster.

Container orchestration is the point where Kubernetes and the Docker software suite converge. In other words, when people compare Kubernetes and Docker, they really mean Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Head to Head Comparison: Docker and Kubernetes

ParameterDocker SwarmKubernetes
Developed byDocker IncGoogle
Founded in20132014
ScalingAutoscaling is not possibleAuto-scaling feature is there
Setup of clustersThe cluster’s setup is difficult and complex. Stronger cluster strength you will get with Docker.The cluster is easy to set up. because it has its very own version of API.
Data volumeIt allows for the sharing of storage volumes among many containers in the same Pod.Storage volumes are shared with other containers.
Large clustersThe strong cluster states take into account speed.Without taking into account speed, it provides container deployment and scaling even in big clusters.
CommunityA devoted user base that keeps the software updated.Strong backing from open source organisations and major corporations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.

Wrapping it Up

Your containerized apps can be orchestrated using Kubernetes, and containers can be created using Docker. Your programme and its dependencies can be packaged, shipped, and distributed using Docker in the form of a container.

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