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PHP vs JavaScript: Languages that Your Website Understands

PHP vs JavaScript

Whenever we talk about websites, imagining the same without computer languages is an injustice. This is where PHP, JavaScript (JS), and others are available to make website development tasks easier.

There is a wise saying by a British software developer, “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

This quote’s context is to simplify code for humans to understand. After all, many non-techies are stuck reading an entire code.

Therefore, we will discuss these two major computer languages in this PHP vs JavaScript (which are easy to understand) blog.

Before starting, we bet many of you are unaware of their fundamentals. So, this informative blog is for them.

Once you understand the difference between PHP and JavaScript, it will be easier to figure out which is better.

No matter which computer language you prefer for website development, PHP web hosting services are required for online scalability if you use the PHP framework.

Oops!! Did you get distracted? No problem, here is the right set of information to distinguish them.

What is PHP?

PHP full form is ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’ developed in the 90s by the Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. Although you are seeing this full form today, originally, PHP was called a Personal Home Page. We know this conventional acronym might bore you, but that’s true!

Talking about its functionality, it is a server-side scripting language, and the majority of online websites use the same. Want to develop dynamic websites? Use PHP websites with compliant web hosting services. There are several precise functions and outstanding features involved in it.

For having a feature-rich and database-driven website, PHP is a boon for developers. Integrating picture libraries, login pages etc., are possible with this.

It is an open-source language. So PHP is easily accessible on different operating systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux or UNIX, etc.

Apart from the web development tasks, PHP executes other commanding tasks. For instance, industrial robots and accessing stand-alone graphical programs are examples.

PHP Instances

  • WordPress (the popular PHP framework) and other CMS like Drupal and Joomla.
  • Server instances like MariaDB, SQL, and others.

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What is JavaScript?

Let’s proceed further in the debate of PHP Vs JS by explaining JavaScript. It is a front-end or client-side computer language to develop interactive pages. JS is mostly used for creating mobile apps, PDFs, online games, and many more. 

JS is a time-efficient computer language that is composed of advanced functionalities. Its advanced versions, Node.js and Angular.js, reduce the development time and enhance the developer’s productivity.

JavaScript Instances

  • Technologies such as AngularJS, JQuery, EmberJS, Backbone.JS, and ReactJS.
  • MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, and other server-side technologies.

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Difference Between PHP and JavaScript

Difference Between PHP and JavaScript

So, here we are with the gist of this blog. Let’s explain the simple difference between PHP vs JavaScript.

1. Open Source

A large community maintains and develops PHP, an open-source programming language. All you need to get started is a PHP parser, a web server such as Apache, and a web browser such as Chrome.

JavaScript is an implementation of ECMAScript, an open standard but not an open-source project. You can download JavaScript for free if you are a developer.

2. Simplicity

JavaScript is difficult to learn because of its complexity, advanced functionality, use of event queues, and violation of some standards upheld by other programming languages.

PHP is easier to understand than JavaScript. There is a PHP function for every operation you can think of. Many famous websites use PHP due to its ease of use.

3. Runtime Environments

PHP and JavaScript can be run in a variety of runtime environments. In order to run their code, each requires a different interpreter, although both can easily be incorporated into HTML code. It has a simple installation process and serves as a compiler and runtime engine for PHP. PHP is becoming increasingly popular because of its dependability, extensibility, and performance.

Node js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows JavaScript to perform operations previously only possible with other server-side programming languages, such as restricted access to information, data analysis, and customized user experiences. Node.js and browser JavaScript use V8 JavaScript runtime engine.


Comments are crucial to make coding understandable for any layman user. So, there are different single-line and multiple-line comments in coding syntax. This is done so any non-technical expert can understand the purpose of coding. In simpler terms, a piece of information integrated into coding. The coding syntax of PHP vs JavaScript is given below.


<?php //Single line PHP comment

# Single line PHP comment

/* Multi-line PHP comment */

echo “<p>This is PHP</p>”;



//Single line JS comment

/* JavaScript

Multi-line JS comment */

alert(“This is JS”);

5. Variables

Variables are important elements in coding syntax. But in the debate between PHP vs JavaScript, case sensitivity is a factor that distinguishes both. PHP framework does not support case-sensitive variables, but JavaScript does.

PHP accepts the Boolean value “true” in both uppercase and lowercase, whereas JavaScript accepts the same only in lowercase.

Key Takeaways

As we have discussed PHP VS JavaScript briefly, it is time to discuss which framework is suitable for you. Both have unique features and depend upon developers’ requirements; which would they prefer?

The coding part is inevitable in both. Choose the framework and start your web development journey per your productivity and schedule. And to host them, we are always available with PHP hosting and Node.js hosting services.

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