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How to Recycle Old Content (Repurpose Content) of your Blog

When you publish a post on your blog, one thing that comes to your mind is, “Which topic should I cover after this?”. This is something that every blogger thinks about after publishing an article. Moral: When you generate content on your blog, reuse is not to fall into oblivion. Time, dedication and effort you spent to write this post deserve a push to get greater reach.

Making the most of what you already have posted will help with the arduous task of generating content periodically. Reusing your work can get more traffic, engagement, and scope. Definitely! So that your posts do not fall into oblivion 3 or 4 days after being published and never again be read, here are 14 effective tactics:

14 Tips to Review your Old Posts

  1. Modification of Words

If you go back to share this post on social networks, including changes in the holder so that it is not always the same. The power of the word reaches such a spectrum, which can generate multiple variations of the same theme.

  1. Success Stories

Study your past posts which have been more successful. That will let you know what topics your audience is more interested in and re-disseminate them with notoriety.

  1. Ratio of Channels

Do you usually share the content only on 2 or 3 channels? Take advantage of the potential of social networks and do not always limit yourself. Explore without fear!

  1. New Formats

Modify and adapt the new formats of content: podcast, video, infographics.

  1. Updating Content

Have you ever written about a subject that will soon become outdated? If your original article still receives traffic, it might be time to update that piece.

  1. Reprogram Content

Have you ever tried programming your posts via Hootsuite? I use it to post tweets of past posts with a new time. It works!

  1. Summary of Interest

If you publish content regularly, a weekly / monthly / annual summary of what has given you good results will be a fantastic read. In addition, it will encourage more people to see your content. This formula is ideal for grouping several old entries.

  1. Tweetable Phrases

Make the most prominent phrases for your posts that are tweetable. Some tools for doing so are, Tweet website (can build a tweet and include it in any part of the text and can track readers who click on it) and Tweet WordPress plugin (to share blog posts quotes). Can check the list of plugins here. (link)

  1. Thematic Hashtags

Throwback Thursday hashtag [#TBT] is a popular weekly phenomenon that occurs in multiple social networks. Every Thursday people post memories and photographs of previous years. It is a perfect opportunity to share your content once.

  1. Linking with Today

Another effective tactic is to link your post with some current event. You can also connect your old content with information or a discussion.

  1. Links with Keywords

If you have a defined thematic line, it will be easy to link your current post to other previously published post. Therefore t is advisable to link keywords referring to past posts related to that topic.

  1. Related Posts

For WordPress and Blogger, there are plenty of widgets that can enrich our blog. Related Posts plugin displays as small squares with images and text that are at the end of each entry where other posts in the same category or topic are recommended. It’s simple, visual and practical. It works because it increases the time spent by each visitor on your blog.

  1. Popular Posts

Another ideal widget is Popular Posts. It displays a kind of top ten posts in the listed entries that are liked by your audience.

  1. Final Statement

Writing a small list of holders of other subject matter related posts at the end of the entrance can be a good practice.

What other effective techniques do you know that saves your time and prevent the content published fall into oblivion?

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