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Ways White Label Web Development Can Benefit Your Business

Ways White Label Web Development Can Benefit Your Business

Considering white label web development for your business can benefit it in many ways. And bring in value and ease of business you might never dream of.

There are certain frameworks that make it possible. One popular framework is PHP and you need a PHP hosting infrastructure.

You can have several creative ideas for building your website, but you may lack the expertise, skills, and proper resources to bring your website idea into reality.

In most cases, it gets hard for businesses to keep up with their website development while managing their core business operations at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketing agency based in the US, UK, Australia, or anywhere in the world, you can partner up with a white label web development agency and expand your business services.

If you’re facing issues in delivering your projects on time or maintaining your work quality, you should partner up with a white label web development agency to lower your burden. It’ll help your business grow exponentially as it’ll allow you to focus on things that’ll bring in more clients and revenue.

Here’s a detailed outline of the importance and benefits of white label web development for your business. And a few reasons why you should consider such a service.

Keep reading and you’ll find out how trusted white label development services can contribute to your business growth.

What is White Label Web Development?

To make it easier for you to understand, white label website development is like ghostwriting, but for web development. Let’s consider there are two companies, Company A and Company B.

Now Company A will develop the website, and Company B will buy it from Company A. Here, Company A will not associate its branding with the website. But, will complete the project as an assignment. On the flip side, Company B has the choice to use its branding, identity, and logo on the website developed by Company A.

This process applies to all types of web design and development services and helps in the mutual growth of b2b digital agencies’ profit margins.

Benefits of White Label Web Development

Benefits of White Label Web Development

Outsourcing your web development projects to a white label agency can benefit a marketing agency in different manners. Here are some of them:

1. Easy Branding

By choosing a white label development service, you get the advantage of not spending your time and efforts on research or gathering technical information about the project. You get a finished project on which you can apply your branding, name, and logo. Only your brand/company will be visible to your clients.

In your business journey, you’ll get clients who won’t even know what WordPress is (and won’t interested in knowing either). Clients often get confused when they see mention of different CMSs like WordPress or Drupal in their website’s footer or login page. By opting for a white label development solution, you can remove such confusion and ensure only relevant brand is visible to your client.

If you creating a unique brand identity is hard for you, then it’s wise to opt-in for a white label web design solution. Agencies that offer a wide range of white-label services are experts in creating or customizing unique logo designs, social media profiles, pamphlets, websites, and much more related to branding.

2. Allows You to Offer More Services

You may avoid taking on WordPress or web development/design projects due to a limited budget for hiring a dedicated employee or a lack of expertise in your agency. However, if you partner with a white label website development agency, you can offer all the services that the agency offers to your clients and present them as your own, without worrying about budget or expertise.

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3. Reduction in Time and Help in Upscaling

If you’re a marketing agency, but your customers are looking for web development solutions, considering white label website development services will be wise to deliver results instead of spending weeks or months developing your own solution.

This prevents your customers from hiring other agencies for these solutions. By doing so, you can provide your clients with all these services in one place and increase your quote size too. There’s no doubt that web development is a competitive field and any reduction in time to market can be extremely beneficial for your agency.

4. Cost-effective

You must acknowledge that custom web development is a time-consuming and expensive process that involves different steps such as architecture, web design, development, testing, and finalization. Agencies without an in-house developer’s team often lack the resources and expertise to work on such projects from scratch.

In some cases, single-client customization can take weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. This results in an increased cost of production. On the other hand, a white label website development agency will deliver projects in a short time allowing you to invest that time and money in something bringing more clients/revenue to your business.

5. Opportunity to Provide More Value

One of the lesser-known reasons for white label service is that you can create additional support documents with your custom branding on them.

For example, if the client’s website is built on WordPress, the dashboard can be linked back to your agency’s supported documentation and even support videos.

6. Let You Focus on Business-Driving Activities

The major reason why agencies consider white label website development services is to allow them to focus on ways to increase sales and revenue of their business.

Additionally, you might need help in increasing production capacity for one of your core competencies temporarily so you won’t miss out on potential sales. Even in that case, it’s still an ideal option.

Who Can Benefit from White Label Web Development Services?

Businesses that use websites to connect with their audience can truly benefit from white label web development services.

White labeling is primarily used as a branding exercise. For you as a development agency, the edge of exposing the end-user to a brand consistently throughout your website is highly desirable.

For example, you build a WordPress website for your client where their customers can log in. When these customers get the WordPress logo, it’s a visual disconnect from the brand and makes it sound unprofessional to customers. Most likely customers think, Why am I redirecting to a WordPress website?

And if customers aren’t familiar with WordPress, they’ll be confused about why they’re seeing a login page with a big “W” on it. A few changes in the page code can replace it with the logo of your client or the intended brand.

Moreover, the contact information, theme, support documentation, etc can all be changed to your agency. Doing so is beneficial in two ways, the end-user (customer) is connected to your client’s website, and your client is connected to yours.

By partnering with an experienced white label development agency, both you and your client can enjoy a fully customized website and build mutually beneficial business relations.

Steps to Consider While Partnering with a White Label Web Development Agency?

When it comes to increasing sales, developing a systematic and functional website can be of real help. And with the help of a white label agency, you can do it just like that. It helps you to focus on your core processes and identifies opportunities for expanding your services or products.

Since white labeling is mainly used as a branding exercise, it also assists you in developing consistent branding for your business and clients while not having to invest your time and effort in infrastructure, web design, technical know-how, etc.

Here Are Some of the Qualities You Must Look for in A White Label Web Development Agency

Despite the amazing benefits it provides, some agencies still don’t want to partner with a white label website development agency. Why? Because of the inconsistent and bad output from an agency that can give a bad impression to the client about their business.

You can counter this problem by partnering with an agency that has a proven portfolio of delivering amazing projects. You don’t have to make the final decision in the first meeting or with the first agency to get in touch with. Try testing the agency by giving small tasks first or giving them projects according to their portfolio.

A reputed white label agency will cooperate as long as its output meets the expectations of its clients. However, the choice of white labeling or outsourcing is completely your choice and is based on:

  • Whether you are comfortable with the idea of white labeling or not
  • Whether your clients are comfortable with the idea of white labeling or not
  • If your experience working with a white label partner is consistently good, then you may choose this approach for all your clients

Here are the main qualities that you must look for in a white label development agency:

1. Problem-Solving Approach

The white label agency you’ll partner with should be a problem solver, not just a developer or a designer. The problem-solving technique is one of the richest assets that every person, company, or enterprise should have.

If the agency you’re partnering with takes the problem-solving approach, they will be able to handle your project from scratch till the final development phase and beyond that.

Check whether the agency has any benchmarks in problem-solving concepts. They must not just stop with your website coding. The agency should bring in creative solutions to solve your problems, whether they’re small or complex.

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2. Knowledge of the Latest Tools & Technologies

The white label agency you hire should be open to adopting new technologies, tools, platforms, and concepts quickly. Only if they are quick learners, they will be able to use the latest technologies and trends to best meet your requirements.

Therefore, before getting into any sort of contract or partnership, make sure that the white label agency is curious to learn the latest technologies, increase their knowledge, and keep up with the new concepts of your industry.

3. Trustworthiness & Credibility

The next thing to look for is trustworthiness and credibility. This is because the white label agency you’re partnering with is going to be responsible for all your projects and clients. So, make sure you can trust them with their credibility and way of working.

When that’s the case, if the agency ever does anything without your approval, they’ll end up at big risk. The reliability of the agency can be identified by the way they work and reports to you. If they keep you updated on the development process regularly and keep you in line with every process, you should partner with them.


Partnering up with a white label development agency can help build a strong presence for your business and your clients. If there is an agency that can create better websites for your clients, you should partner with them in the first place.

As a matter of fact, by using their solutions, you’ll have more time to devote yourself to improving your business processes and getting new clients.

The Author

Anna Wattson is a content strategist and an outreach expert working with various brands and agencies such as GetDevDone, a white label web development agency. She holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing from San Diego State University and loves to work with cooperate leaders and business owners.

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