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Why Is The Laravel PHP Framework Best?

why laravel is the best php framework

In 2011, Taylor Otwell founded Laravel. It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that help in streamlining web development operations. Laravel has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Since then, it has become the go-to framework for many developers. Furthermore, developers search for reliable web hosting infrastructure to host Laravel applications. MilesWeb provides them best Laravel hosting with a robust infrastructure that ensures higher online ROI.

In this blog, we will discuss why should you opt for Laravel PHP framework? And why it is so popular among developers. As you got to know that PHP is the popular framework, you can host applications developed on it through PHP hosting.

Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

1. Easy to Learn

One of the main reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework is that it is very easy to learn. The Laravel PHP framework has very clear and concise documentation that makes it easy for developers to get started. Laravel also has a large and active community that provides support and guidance to new developers. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners who are new to web development.

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2. MVC Architecture

It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the application logic from the presentation layer. This makes it easy to maintain and update the application code. The MVC architecture also makes it easy to test the application code, which is important for ensuring the quality of the code.

3. Blade Templating Engine

It comes with a powerful templating engine called Blade. The blade is a simple yet powerful templating engine that allows developers to write clean and concise code. Blade also provides features like template inheritance, which makes it easy to reuse code across different pages of the application.

4. Authentication and Authorization

This Laravel php framework provides a built-in authentication and authorization system, making it easier for developers to secure their web applications. The authentication system allows developers to add user registration, login, and laravel password reset functionality to their applications, while the authorization system allows them to control user access to specific parts of the application. Laravel also provides features such as password hashing, CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, and two-factor authentication, making it easier to build secure web applications.

5. Testing

Laravel makes it easier to write tests for your web applications with its built-in testing tools. Laravel’s testing tools allow developers to write unit tests, feature tests, and browser tests, making it easier to test different parts of the application. Laravel also provides an easy-to-use testing API that simplifies the testing process and makes it easier to write clean and maintainable tests.

6. Community Support

It has a large and active community of developers who are always ready to help and contribute to the framework’s development. The community provides extensive documentation, tutorials, and guides, making it easier for developers to learn and use Laravel. The community also provides a wide range of open-source packages and libraries that extend the functionality of Laravel, making it easier to build complex web applications.

How to Host Laravel Applications with MilesWeb?

MilesWeb’s shared hosting is the most common way to host a Laravel website. It is a type of web hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. It is a cost-effective way to host your website.

To host a Laravel website on shared hosting, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a shared hosting plan from a hosting provider.
  2. Log in to your hosting account and navigate to the cPanel dashboard.
  3. Create a new database and user.
  4. Upload your Laravel files to the public_html directory.
  5. Configure your .env file with your database credentials.
  6. Run composer install to install the required dependencies.
  7. Set the appropriate permissions for your storage and bootstrap directories.
  8. Test your website by visiting your domain name.

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Choose the fast and top-notch web hosting infrastructure of MilesWeb to host web applications with higher efficiency. With us, you will get packages where SSH command is enabled and hassle-free CLI enables you to host Laravel applications with higher efficiency and speed. So, are you ready to host? Pick the right hosting plan with appropriate configurations.

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