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WordPress to PDF Converter: A Short Guide

WordPress to PDF Converter

Do you have a WordPress site or planning to build one soon? Well, that’s great!

43% of the web is built on WordPress. In fact, newbie bloggers to Fortune 500 companies use WordPress to build websites. WordPress is easy to use and has thousands of themes, and plugins inbuilt.

On top of that, WordPress is SEO friendly, requires zero coding knowledge and allows you to build a website very seamlessly. Yea, there’s so much to talk about WordPress!

Now, speaking about PDF, I am sure you might be using this file format for sharing documents, images and so on. PDF makes it easy to put down all the text files in one place and can be shared on different platforms. The main important benefit it offers is, saves you a lot of time.  

Have you ever thought of converting your WordPress blog posts into PDFs? It sounds like a fantastic idea! 

You can export a WordPress site to PDF. This is beneficial, as you can read the blog posts or product descriptions offline. Similarly, you can convert WordPress to PDF with a few clicks and build easy-to-integrate PDFs. Converting your WordPress content into PDFs minimizes the burden on your hosting services, and thus you can enjoy the benefits of cheap WordPress hosting solutions without worries. So yes, without further ado, let’s get started and learn more about the WordPress to PDF converter in the blog.

Great! Using WordPress PDF Generator Plugin

You can use the WordPress PDF Generator plugin as an online PDF-to-WordPress converter. The plugin allows you to convert WordPress to PDF online for free. Let’s head on and learn about the PDF generator plugin.

All About the PDF Generator Plugin

The “PDF Generator for WP” is a plugin that lets the WP site owner easily convert all the product pages, blog pages and images into PDFs. So, how about going with the PDF generator plugin, well it saves you time and comes with great features. Users can download pdf from WordPress site or even view them in a new tab.

This plugin also lets you strengthen your brand identity as you can add your company’s logo or watermark on the PDF. Visitors will easily remember your brand and will definitely get back to you in the coming time.

Plus, with this WordPress to PDF converter online free plugin, the admin can also change the settings and help the guest users send the PDF files directly to their emails. It enables an easy access route for the users to directly open PDFs in the emails.

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Why Should You Get a WordPress-to-PDF Converter?

Having a WordPress to PDF converter online for free is like owning a bunch of WordPress website advantages. Foremost, it improves accessibility and offline readability to a greater extent.

Since PDFs can be accessed on any device with a PDF reader, they become highly accessible to a wider range of audiences. Users don’t have to face operating system or software compatibility issues. They can simply download PDFs and read them at their convenience.

Moreover, converting data from WordPress to PDF gives a professionally formatted lookout. It enhances the user experience as blog posts, articles, or product descriptions get formatted with consistent layouts and fonts.

A few of the other advantages include:

  • Branding and customization to create a personalized brand identity.
  • Increase engagement and conversations by leading generations.
  • PDFs are more print-optimized due to their clean and consistent format.
  • Converting WordPress to PDF online is a time-saving task with a few clicks.

Most Common Benefits of WordPress to PDF Converter Plugin 

Give a read to the most common benefits of WordPress to PDF converter plugin, that is PDF Generator for WP.

OS Compatibility

One of the great benefits of using a WordPress PDF generator plugin is that it works well with all the commonly used and leading operating systems. No matter if your visitors are using Linux, Windows, Android, or MAC OS, there is nothing to worry about. They can easily read the document seamlessly. 

MilesWeb provides virtual WordPress cloud servers especially optimized for WordPress websites.!

Consistency with the Format

You don’t have to worry about the inconsistency in the format of the PDF file. As a good WP PDF generator plugin supports all the extensions and plugins. So, your PDF will look great without any formatting issues.

Easy to Use File Format

Needless to say, businesses around the world use PDF (portable document format) for storing and sharing information across different channels. The WP PDF generator will convert all the blogs, pages, posts and more into PDF files.

Free to Customize the Header & Footer

The PDF generator plugin has an option of adding the header and footer for your PDF.  Whether you have a blog page or a product page, you can add a custom header and footer according to your requirements.

Complete Access to the Logs

The plugins give you full access to the logs, and thus admin is free to view the user details like the user name, email addresses and so on.

Bulk Export

You can export PDF files for pages, products and posts in bulk with the default template offered in the WordPress PDF generator plugin. So, you don’t need to keep downloading each post/page one by one, rather you can download it all at once. 

Fully Compatible with Other Plugins

Adding a plugin that is compatible with most of the other plugins is great! PDF generator for WP is one such plugin that is compatible with all the other page builder plugins and custom posts.

Steps to Export WordPress Posts to PDF:

You can export WordPress blog posts to PDF format. Check out the steps to convert WordPress blog posts to PDF. All you need to do is, install the PDF Generator for WP plugin on your site, and you’re all set.

  1. The first step is go to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins section and simply click on Add New.
  2. Now in the search field add, “PDF Generator for WordPress” and then click on Search Plugins.
  3. Once you find the plugin in the WP dashboard, you can check out all the details about it like the ratings, descriptions and more.
  4. And now, most importantly, you can install the plugin by simply clicking on “Install Now.”
  5. Yes, now you’re ready to convert all your WP blog posts into PDFs and share them easily across various channels. You can even save on your computer and read them later.

Key Considerations

Key considerations while selecting a free WordPress to PDF converter to ensure a smooth and successful transition: While converting WordPress to PDF is highly useful, users must acknowledge the following considerations while converting the content:

  • Decide which content you want to convert. Since WordPress is a dynamic website, choosing each piece of content may not be the wisest decision.
  • Articles, ebooks, white papers, and reports are static elements that can be converted into PDFs easily and smoothly.
  • Galleries or forms are interactive elements; hence, they may not translate effectively while converting WordPress to PDFs.
  • Before processing the conversion, check and test your WordPress theme compatibility.
  • Because not all the free WordPress themes translate seamlessly to PDF format.
  • Don’t forget to optimize the images for the desired PDF quality and file size. High-resolution images increase file size and can cause further issues.
  • Choose a reliable and feature-rich WordPress plugin for conversion.  Consider factors like ease of use, compatibility, and output options.
  • Make sure you have already installed the best WordPress backup plugins on your website for any unforeseen incidents that may happen while converting WordPress to PDF online.
  • Make sure to include your logo, brand colors, and fonts in the PDF template, along with watermarks or copyright information, to protect your content from theft.

Key Takeaways from WordPress to PDF Converter

After reading this WordPress to PDF converter guide, I hope you have been cleared with how to convert your WordPress blog posts, and images to PDF. Certainly, WordPress is one of the popular Content Management systems (CMS) used to build websites. Besides, PDF is the most commonly used file format for sharing posts. It also helps in creating awareness of your brand, as you can share the posts on different platforms easily.

Online Free WordPress to PDF Converter FAQs

Can I use a WordPress-to-PDF converter for specific posts or pages?

Yes, most WordPress to PDF converters offer the flexibility to convert either specific posts, pages, or both. It typically works by integrating with the WordPress post editors or page editors. Some plugins offer a simple and direct way to add a “Download PDF” button or link on the front end of your website to generate a PDF version of the post or page they’re currently viewing.

Are WordPress to PDF converter plugins SEO-friendly?

WordPress to PDF converter plugins offer SEO benefits like improved accessibility and content optimization by adding relevant keywords and headings and generating leads for backlink potential. However, before installing the plugin, make sure to do thorough research about the drawbacks that the plugin may have.

Do WordPress converted PDFs save links and metadata in PDFs?

The accurate answer to this question depends on the free online WordPress to PDF converter plugin that you use. As a general answer, most of the plugins preserve internal links within the PDF. For external links, some plugins convert external links into clickable hyperlinks in the PDF, while others display them as plain text.

For metadata, most of the plugins include basic metadata like the title, author, and creation date in the PDF’s properties, while some plugins allow you to add custom metadata fields.

Are WordPress to PDF converters compatible with various WordPress themes?

The compatibility of the WordPress to PDF converters with the WordPress themes varies depending on both the converter plugins and the themes.

However, if you choose the recently updated plugins and themes, they are more likely to be compatible with each other. Most of the plugins will work on the latest adaptations or work with themes built on the default Twenty Twenty-Three theme and common frameworks.

Can I set restrictions or password protection for WordPress to PDF-convert files?

Certainly, you can set restrictions or password protection for WordPress-to-PDF converted files. However, not all WordPress to PDF converters offer password protection or access restriction features. Before going for password protection or restriction, you need to check the plugin’s documentation to confirm.

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