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Big Web Development And Design Trends To Look For

Today, the web has a presence in every sphere of our lives – be it shopping, banking, entertainment, learning and more. We can do pretty much everything in just a few clicks on our favorite websites. With the evolution of the web, we have also witnessed trends and changes in ways websites are designed and built. A few decades ago, websites were mere pieces of HTML markups which couldn’t do much, but today we have fully dynamic websites that can do a lot of marvelous things. New website design concepts are being introduced and implemented every passing year that take web experience to a new level. New year is approaching and there are a lot trends that are going to lead in the upcoming year. In this post, we will explore some of the big web design trends that you will see.

Micro Animation

Micro animations as the name suggests are small animations which run on your site. Being small doesn’t mean that they aren’t effective, in fact they make your site interesting and appealing. Micro animations are quite useful when you want to guide your users with your site through their interactions. They also enable you to add some playfulness element to your website which makes things stand out easily on your site. Micro animations are being utilized for a few years, they will be used organically. They are useful for enhancing the experience of your users.

Simplicity and Bold Colors

These days, many website owners are using bold and bright colors to make their site stand out from competitors. Using bold and bright colors on website can provide immersive experience and they also provide eye-catching effect. While most web designs take a safe approach with simple shades and shadows, using bold and bright colors on your site can present your brand as daring and forward-thinking. And, depending on the target market of your brand, it can be a plus point in terms of customers’ association and loyalty with your brand. With IPS (In-Pane Switching) technology that more and more devices are adopting, bold colors even provide more pleasing experience to the users. Simple design with bold and bright colors can make your site beautiful and compelling.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive web design is an absolute necessity of all time as people have different devices that they use to access the internet. A website should be easily readable and visually appealing on any device. With the increasing influence of mobile devices, these days the focus is primarily on mobile devices. Hence, developers are designing websites that render well on all devices. This is all possible with responsive web design which enables to develop modern websites that adapt themselves intuitively to any screen size. If your website is not responsive you will lose a great number of users for your site.

Chat Bots

With the power of artificial intelligence, chat bots are one of the key trends that are taking the world by storm. They are also going to be one of the major trends. Users often have different types of questions in their mind for which they turn to support. By using chat bots, a large of number of their queries can be resolved more efficiently and effectively. Chat bots are applications which are created to imitate conversations. Users can interact with chat bots and find answers to their questions quickly and easily. Chat bots are being developed and more advanced capabilities are being added in them to provide more human-like experience to people. They collect information about questions that are asked most often and they respond quickly to the interested users.

White Space

To most people white space might seem a trivial thing to be a web design trend, but it is not. In fact, white space is quite an effective way to attract attention. By using enough white space between elements on a web page, you can make things easily stand out. It offers a delectable visual experience. Plus, it makes design neat and clean. If there is too little space between elements they may look cluttered and congested.


Minimalism is often combined with white space and enables to produce attractive and visually pleasing designs. However, minimalism is a broad concept and it emphasizes on simplifying the user interface of a site. To build minimalistic design, you do things like use minimum of colors, hidden menu bars, minimum of buttons and minimum details for graphics, fonts, shadows, etc. These days, minimalism involves maximum simplification with as few elements as possible put on the display. Apple’s website is one of the good examples of minimalistic design.

Asymmetric Layout

One of the top web design trends that will also be found is the use of asymmetric layout. Today, most websites are grid-based, which means they are built considering imaginary lines that make different elements stay in an order. Website designers who want to create something would prefer broken grid technique to place elements chaotically. By using asymmetric design technique web designers make websites more creative and attractive.

Background Videos

In web design objects of different shapes and sizes moving in background has always been popular. And, these days many websites are using background videos that provide an immersive experience and grab people’s attention. They are widely used in websites in place of hero images. They will also be among the top trends. Using videos in background brings life to your site. Adding background videos on your site can help you make the visitors stay longer on your site as they are very intriguing.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Web development industry continues to grow with the introduction of AMP technology that works like PW. Speeding up page functionality and retaining users are two goals of AMP. AMPs are optimized pages with a convenient and simplified design and basic features, as opposed to full-scope web products. Also, the content on these pages is readable and mobile-responsive.

A new web design trend, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), demonstrates how the internet is becoming more user-friendly. The AMP plugin enables businesses to save money on UX while reaching their target audiences even with 5G internet technology now available. Therefore, we expect to see smaller and specialty items competing with industry giants.

Bold Typography

These days, bold typography or oversized lettering is gaining a huge popularity as webmasters want to simplify their website design. There are many benefits of using bold typographies and grabbing the attention of the users is one of them. You can put your main object, brand name or a catchy headline on the main page of your site that will attract people and convey your message in the first instance. Bold typography will make a great impression on the users’ minds that they won’t forget easily.

CSS Grids

Previously, web developers had to create several two or more versions of a single website to make sure that the website will appear well on desktops, mobiles and other devices. While this approach was useful it was quite cumbersome as developers had to keep in mind all the devices and they have to the precise versions websites for those devices. With the advent of CSS grids, everything became easy developers can build flexible websites that adjust themselves well with different devices.

Wrapping Up!

In the past few years, website design has reached a new level and we are witnessing excellent strategies being implemented in web design. There are a lot of concepts like minimalism, use of limited colors, bold typography, micro animations and white space are being implemented in today’s web designs. There are different web design strategies and concepts that are introduced in every new year and which add more value to website designs. In this post, we have discussed some of the web design concepts that are being widely used by web designers. These concepts will also be in trend in year.

The Author

Emily White works at CSSChopper, an eminent web design and development company, as senior web designer. She is passionate about coding and loves creating top-class web designs for her clients. Apart from this, she also likes writing and composes various blogs and articles in her free time. She wants to spread knowledge and provide information to everyone through her quality articles and blogs that she writes for her audience.

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