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How To Create A Website When You Are Not A Website Designer?

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If you want to establish your own website, there is no need to have any technical or designing knowledge. There are tools and platforms that allow you to create your desired website the way you want to. It’s OK if you only have the idea of creating a website without any technical or web designing knowledge.

In today’s era everyone is aware of the importance of having a website even if you own a small business. People prefer to shop, make payments, book hotel rooms etc. whenever they have the time to do it and therefore if you don’t intend to lose any customers, a business website is a must!

It is not necessary that a great looking website should cost a fortune! With the help of some basic tips and tools, even a newbie can create a fully-functional and a beautiful website. If you are thinking in terms of how you will go about creating a website cause that’s not your forte, the tips and ideas mentioned below will guide you through:

The Basics Of Creating And Designing A Website:

  • Plan your website
  • Get an appropriate web hosting package
  • Get a website building tool
  • Add content

Plan Your Website

Before you make any investment for creating a website, plan it thoroughly! It is important for you to be clear about:

  • How your website is going to look?
  • How it is going to function?
  • What color combinations you want to have on your website?
  • What type of images you want?
  • The font to be used on the website
  • Placement of various categories and other attributes of your website
  • Placement of website menus

Planning about these basic and important factors will help you to have a rough idea about your website layout. This initial planning will ease out the further steps.

Get An Appropriate Web Hosting Package

Your website has to be hosted on the web hosting platform for people to view it online. You need a domain name and URL for your website. You will come across a huge number of web hosting options; select a web hosting platform on the basis of the following points:

Reliability : Check if you can really count on the web hosting company and what uptime guarantee it is offering.

Storage Space And Bandwidth : What is the storage space required for your website files? If you have a basic website, you can opt for shared hosting but if you have a large website with a lot of customer activity and large images, then you would need a hosting platform with more storage space like a dedicated server or a cloud server.

Scalability : What if the traffic on your website spikes suddenly? If that is the case, then cloud hosting is the best option as it allows automatic vertical and horizontal resource scaling for handling the traffic spikes.

Security : Carefully analyze the security features offered with the web hosting package, look for attributes like 24/7 monitoring and support, backup and restore facility, malware scanning and protection against DDoS attacks.

While looking for an appropriate web hosting platform, you will also be allured to opt for free and heavy-discount web hosting packages but it is a good idea to stay away from them as they might not deliver good support and services. Also, a free web hosting package can cost you the downtime of your website and file corruption. Sign up with a web hosting company that has a good reputation.

Get A Website Building Tool

Once you have registered a domain name and signed up for a web hosting account, it is time to get going for creating a website that not just looks great but is easy to manage as well. A website builder will make your task of creating a website easy. Like mentioned in the first step, it is important to be ready with a rough layout of your website so that your task of establishing your website is simplified.

MilesWeb offers the SitePRO website builder with most of the web hosting packages. SitePRO is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. This website builder enables you to create a professional looking website without any coding or programming skills.

Some striking features that you get with SitePRO are mentioned below:

  • Create unlimited number of attributes and sell different types of goods and services in one store
  • Customize website style, currency, columns, size and shape of images, thumbnails and much more
  • Select the type of view for every website category
  • Create your own custom filters for a better ‘search’ function on your website
  • Enable 1-click purchasing : Sell your goods and services anywhere on your website
  • Add a wide range of online payment gateways to your website
  • Get access to more than 190 templates for setting up the website of your dreams
  • Get a wide range of functions and plugins like the standard plugins, additional plugins like plugins for shape, line, button, form etc., advanced plugins like Skype, Music, Banner, Flash, Adsense etc., social plugins, ecommerce plugins, geographical map plugins etc.
  • SitePRO enables you to create website in 45 languages
  • Create a responsive website design that can be easily viewed on any screen size

Apart from SitePRO, you can also utilize CMS like WordPress for creating your website. WordPress is a user-friendly website creation platform that provides with a wide range of plugins, themes and extensions to create your website according to your needs.

Add Content

Once you have selected the ideal website building tool, your next step is to get your website into existence by adding content o it. The type of content required on your website depends on the goals of your website but here are some basics:

Home Page:

Home page is the main page of your website and it has to be informative and impressive. Your viewers are going to form a good or bad impression about your business and website when they have a look at your website home page. For the home page, create powerful content that briefly describes who you are and what you offer and add attractive visuals and images to grab visitors’ attention. Ideally you should be having the following attributes on your home page but they might differ according to the subject of the website and industry to which it belongs:

  • Your business tagline
  • Call-to-action buttons and attributes
  • Primary contact information
  • Product / Service packages
  • Sign-up form
  • Testimonials / Reviews / Awards / Trust badge

Products And Services Page

These are the pages where you will add in-depth information about the products/services you offer. You can add compelling images, descriptions and informative videos as well to help your viewers to have a better understanding about your products. If you own an ecommerce business, you must also include product pricing, payment options, shopping information and return policy.

About Page:

This is the page where you tell your story. Tell people about how you started your business and what inspirations you had. In this page, you can include images of yourself and your team. You can add a short biography, awards given to your company, or a great and outstanding customer testimonial.

Contact Us Page:

It is important to have a ‘contact us’ page on your website so that people know how they can get in touch with you. In this page include various methods to contact you like your phone number, email address, office address. You can also add a map for a physical location.


If you have the website concept in mind and if you are motivated to establish your website, nothing can come in your way. You can easily create your own website with the basic information mentioned above. There might be some trial and error involved in the process of setting up your website but its all worth it!

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