Top 5 Content Management Systems For Web Designers

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Updated onJune 13, 2022

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cms, web designers
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cms, web designers

There are many options when it comes to selecting a content management system for a web designing project. On the basis of the factors like features of the CMS, language it is built in and who will be working on it, picking the right CMS can be a difficult task at times.

However, for web designers, there are some content management systems that have an edge over the others in terms of features offered and utility. Some content management systems are easy to install, user friendly and work in level with the thoughtful planning of web designers.

The 5 Best Content Management Systems For Web Designers Are Mentioned Below:


As we all know that WordPress is the most commonly used and the most user-friendly content management systems and it is a delight for the web designers as well. WordPress is also considered as one of the best platforms for beginners. WordPress can be installed within no time and one can start working with it right away. The new versions of WordPress, plugins and extensions can be easily auto-updated through the backend itself.

For the web designers who are not familiar with HTML or any other markup language, a WYSIWYG editor is provided for modifying the website design. The backend layout is streamlined and intuitive. All the web designers find the theme language of WordPress extremely easy and plugin API is also easy to operate.


Drupal is another most efficient CMS that is backed by a large and active community. Drupal is a wider CMS platform that extends beyond blogging. Drupal installation comes with a wide range of modules that comprises of various interesting features like blogs, forums, OpenID, user profiles and much more. One can set up a great website with various social features through Drupal.

Web designers can create interesting site clones with minimum effort through the Drupal platform. Taxonomy module is one of the best features offered by Drupal that enables the designers to add multiple category levels for featuring various types of content.


Joomla is a great CMS when it comes to functionality. It is extremely easy to get started with the Joomla installer. Unlike the other content management systems, Joomla works perfectly with the basic shared hosting package. It is straightforward and configurable.

Web designers and developers can create the perfect portfolio website through Joomla. It comprises of the best administrative interface, intuitive drop-down menus and many other impressive features.

Joomla hosts more than 3200 extensions and there is also an active developer community behind Joomla that keeps making it better with time. Joomla also provides support for access control panels like OpenID, LDAP and Gmail.


b2evolution is considered as a complete engine for your website. Web designers can avail of the features like blog, forum, content, community and email marketing. b2evolution is perfectly optimized for easy upgrade and an efficient anti-spam system with low maintenance. It is Bootstrap RWD as well!

Once you have uploaded the b2evolution CMS on the web server through the web hosting account, you can easily change the image, title, introductory text etc. You can create various types of websites through this platform. Along with the home page, you can also add additional sections to the website. The best thing about b2evolution is that it is open source and free; therefore you free to create the type of website you want.


Mambo is a full-fledged content management system that can be used for building and maintaining a website. It is user friendly and comprises of intuitive tools that enables newbies and experts to manage and modify the online content easily. Some of the important features of Mambo include RSS feeds, page caching and powerful API that are great tools for the web designers.

Mambo provides completely database driven engines that makes it easy for the web designers to store the data. Mambo layouts are fully customizable. Web designers can create their portfolio through Mambo and upload images through browser for their own library.

All the content management systems mentioned in this article are great, web designers must make a decision on the basis of level of expertise and features required.


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