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Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for your Website or a Blog

Imagine a shop on the street in your city that offers the best cakes in the market.

Better than any cake you’ve tried before. The taste is unique and everyone is eager to try them.

However, sales did not go as business owners thought. Although there is interest and if sold, is not expected.

What’s going on here?

In assessing the situation, confectioneries realize that the image of your store does not favor at all what you want to project and achieve. Fails to attract visitors, and that is quite affecting the business.

For starters, it is an old place with black color walls and the name of the business written in a very small way that one can barely notice.

The windows are dirty and doors are broken slightly.

It’s not your fault. You just moved to that location a few weeks ago and have not had time to remodel.

Still, you know it’s time to do something about it.

How do you think this makeover will impact on sales of the cakes?

If you remodel the shop properly and choose a new quality image that fits in what others need, you will sell more. No doubt.

This little story helps us to understand the importance of image and design.

The same story applies on the Internet and on the Web pages.

To make the most of the content we publish and the product (or service) that offer, it is essential to have a quality design with the highest standards.

Themes (or templates) which can be customized and changed to suit the user needs are built with WordPress. If you need something more advanced, you can also create a website from scratch by hiring a skilled programmer or developer.

5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme

Choose WordPress Theme

No matter if you already have a WordPress website or if you’re just taking your first steps, this guide will provide all resources and EXACT steps to learn how to choose the best possible design.

This will have a major positive impact on your business and the results you want to accomplish with your page.

Let’s see the steps to choose the best WordPress theme:

First of all: Is WordPress really what you need?

Surely you did not expect this question, but it is important to understand the needs we have and see if WordPress is really the solution that best fits our project site and on the Web.

In the blog, I have written many times that WordPress is adaptable and flexible and can let you create all kinds of Web pages. From traditional blogs to areas of advanced members with downloads and more.

If WordPress fits (almost) all needs, why to talk about whether it is really what is needed or not?

Depending on the complexity and characteristics of your project page, you may need to use a much more specific and advanced platform.

Example: A team of designer and developer has been working with a client that has a WooCommerce virtual store. The goal is that he wants to move from WordPress to Magento.

Magento is the electronic commerce platform for more advanced.

Why the change?

Not that WooCommerce is a bad option, on the contrary, it works wonderfully. However, the client shop and the business is growing very fast, so he needs a way to manage orders, customers and products more efficient and in an advanced form.

Magento allows all this and more.

The same applies to other sites.

If you have a blog or a corporate page, it is better to not to consider this point much since WordPress is more than enough and the option for excellence that provides everything you need.

Now if, since you know that WordPress is for you, here we start…

Step 1. Identify your main need

Take a notebook and a pen. It can also be a Word document or Google Drive on your computer.

Enter the word “The goal for my Web page” and then makes a list of all the goals you have and you want to accomplish with your new project in WordPress.

After that, identify the primary need of why you are creating your site.

  • Is it to sell your new product?
  • Is your offline business website?
  • A new blog where you write your learning in college?
  • Do you want to provide services?
  • A personal blog?

Whatever it is, clearly identify it and write it down in your notebook.

This will give you a clear idea and let you choose the best possible option.

WordPress templates are created focused on different needs the users may have. And although there are some that cater to many types of sites, if you are 100% clear what you need and what you want to achieve, everything becomes much easier.

Step 2. Set 3 objectives for your project

Although in the previous step, and you wrote some objectives (or goals) for your new WordPress site, in this step we are going much further on this important issue.

The goals we set can give us a sense of direction, security, and clarity that has a great impact on the results we will get. Not only in relation to your site or WordPress, I mean all respects as personal, financial and relationships.

Again take out your notebook or a new document on your computer.

Enter the word “objectives” or “goals” as the title and then write 3 things you want to accomplish with WordPress.

Try to be as specific as possible. I give you an example:

  • Sell 30 copies a month of my ebook in October 2016
  • Having my first 3 coaching clients on November 1, 2016
  • Write 100 articles on the blog till February 1, 2017.

If you want to score more than three, go! There are no limits.

What will help you have goals before choosing a template design? Very easy!

While navigating the different sites in WordPress templates, your choice will depend largely on how that design or theme you choose can help you achieve your goals.

You know what you want to achieve and your choice will be based on that. Obviously choosing the right design does not guarantee success or you’re going to achieve your goals, even so, it is important because it is the image and first impression of your project.

Step 3. Find the ideal subject (preferably premium)

Now, since you know your primary need and have set targets, it is time to browse the different theme providers in search of the ideal design that best suits your needs.

There are endless options. Designers, Developers, and a couple of websites that offer templates for WordPress.

As I mentioned sometimes, there are free and premium themes as well. What I most recommend is to choose a premium theme, as they offer better support, security and customization options.

Overall, the premium themes are far superior then free.

If it is at present not possible for you to purchase a premium theme, then you can start with it a free theme and then get one premium theme once you are prepared to invest.

Here are some resources where you can get excellent WordPress themes:

  • themes catalog (free)
  • StudioPress (Premium)
  • Woothemes (Premium)
  • Elegant Themes (Premium)
  • Themeforest (Premium)

Remember, when contemplating options and choosing the final one, always keep your main need and your list of goals in mind.

Respond to the questions:

  • How well this theme fit in my needs?
  • Is this the design and the image I want to give to my readers and visitors?
  • Will this template allow me to achieve my goals? (On issues of Web design)

Visualize your Web site with each of the topics you like.

At the end of this third step copy and paste the name and URL of three to five themes into a document that you have liked and that could be the definitive choice for your new WordPress site.

Step 4. Evaluate the options

Already with a small list of topics that you liked and that are likely to be your final choice in this room, we will quickly evaluate each of these options.

Research over the theme provider, look for reviews from other customers who have already used these designs, if possible looking under “Showcase” show pages where customers who have used these themes.

This will give you a good idea of what you can achieve with the theme and how much customizations will it require from a user point of view.

Also consider other aspects such as technical support, buying bonds, price, etc.

A good research will always about the right decision.

Step 5. Make the decision and begin with the initial configuration

Once the research is done, it is the perfect time to make the decision and choose the theme for your WordPress site.

Do not be nervous, I’m sure you’ve done a great job and you’re going to choose the best option!

If you are going for a premium theme, make the purchase, download and install the theme.

Once done, check configuration, design, colors, structure, typography, etc.

Each theme is different in this universe; i.e., you can find different setup menus depending on the provider and the template. That’s why we often need a little time to learn to use all the features and customization options.

The Author

A Journalist Specializing in Blogging, Social Networking and Community Management. As a constant learner, Pravin is always aiming towards new ideas and greater knowledge. When he is not doing research, reading, or writing for blogs, you can find him hanging around social media sites.

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