What is the Difference Between Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting?

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Updated onFebruary 7, 2022

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There are several types of web hosting services on today’s date and it is essential to pick a suitable hosting package for your website’s explicit needs. Unlimited hosting and WordPress hosting are two standard types. But the question is- How do you decide which one is appropriate for your website? To untangle this query, we will compare both these hosting services.


Unlimited web hosting is popular for small blog or medium websites, and it is quite a common type of hosting as it provides unlimited resources and is affordable. If your website needs unlimited resources such as disk storage, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. then unlimited hosting is the perfect solution for your needs.
WordPress hosting is specially designed for sites that are built on WordPress platform also known as – WordPress content management system (CMS). The main purpose of WordPress hosting is to organize and manage a WordPress platform for your website.

Benefits of Unlimited hosting:

Unlimited hosting has many advantages not only in terms of resources but also in cost.
• No matter how big or small your website is, unlimited hosting offers huge space for you to store everything.
• This space is more than enough for your website. You will never run out of space because of the unlimited features offered.
• With unlimited hosting, you can almost use any CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.

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Benefits of WordPress hosting:

• It brings a whole new level of performance to your website.
• Automatic backup of your website can be taken. So, if anything goes wrong or the server crashes you can still restore your website with ease.
• You can take help from your hosting provider for any of your concerns regarding WordPress updates, plugins update, etc.
• As this type of hosting is specifically made for WordPress websites, the server is optimized for advanced server caching, making your site perform faster.


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What should I choose? Unlimited hosting or WordPress hosting?

To conclude which hosting type you should use, let’s take a glance at your website needs:

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Unlimited hosting is recommended if:

You are a startup and need to host your business website with unlimited access to the resources of the server.
You have a different CMS other than WordPress: Means if you have Magento, Drupal, OpenCart or any other CMS unlimited hosting may be the best option.
More space: With unlimited hosting, you no longer need to worry about the storage space, mailbox, databases etc.

WordPress hosting is recommended if:

• You want to build your site in WordPress: WordPress hosting is especially for websites using WordPress as their CMS.
• You have an online store: WordPress hosting provides super fast speed and uptime for websites that are medium to large sized. This type of hosting is most suitable for business, e-commerce or community websites.

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Most of the users begin with using unlimited hosting first. This is usually the best option available for a small business website.
Whereas, WordPress hosting is for all those business owners or web developers that build their website in WordPress. Its fast server speed and enhanced features make WordPress hosting stand above unlimited hosting in many ways.

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