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Premium WordPress Plugins and Benefits of Premium WordPress Themes

According to Huffpost, WordPress is no longer just a blogging site. It has evolved into a business platform. You are going to come across hundreds and thousands of free plugins on WordPress but you need to look for plugins, on which you can rely blindly. You need to make sure that you are looking for those plugins which can provide support and updates and are worth investing money for. Given below is a list of the premium WordPress plugins that you should consider:

Premium WordPress Plugins

Elementor Pro

Since the release of this plug-in in 2016, it has become one of the most popular ones for the page builders and there have been over 3 million active installs. You will get the opportunity of building complex and pixel perfect designs by using the options of drag and drop. If you are interested in starting right from scratch, you will get the option of choosing several design elements, buttons, and forms for doing so. You can consider the pre-designed templates that are also available. You can opt for both the free version and the premium version based on the needs that you have.


This is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress and it is also responsible for offering an extremely user-friendly way of page building, which is also super fast. There are almost 46 modules that you can choose from. You will also have the option of choosing the different designs and test them to understand which works best for your WordPress site. This plug-in is available for $89 for every year.


This is one of the trusted web security plugins which is well versed when it comes to the security of WordPress. You are going to come across a comprehensive range of features that have been designed especially for bolstering sites, which also include remote malware scanning, activity auditing, monitoring the blacklist, post hack security actions, effective hardening, and several security notifications. It can protect your website from several website attacks, vulnerabilities, and brute force attacks. You can use the free version but if you want all the features of this plug-in, it is always better to upgrade to the premium version.


Defender is an important plug-in, also for security purposes. Given below is a list of the functions associated with this plug-in.

  • Security scans
  • Audit logs
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Safety recommendation
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • IP lockout device
  • Login masking
  • Brute-force lockout
  • Automated backups

Apart from all these functions, this plug-in is extremely user-friendly. It is available for free and you can upgrade to the premium version if necessary.

Yoast SEO

Whenever you are logging on to any WordPress site, you are going to find that this plug-in is installed. It is responsible for offering advanced features of search engine optimization, which beginners can set up easily.

However, if you are using the premium version, you will come across other important functionalities. The premium version includes:

  • Advanced XML sitemaps
  • Control over site breadcrumbs
  • Canonical URLs for avoiding any kind of duplicate content
  • Template of meta description and title
  • Analysis of content and SEO
  • Text insights
  • Interlinking suggestions

It is completely up to you, if you want to use the free version or upgrade to the premium one.


Wordfence shields your WordPress site from online programmers and assailants. It does this with an endpoint firewall that analyzes and squares vindictive traffic.

What’s more, the Wordfence security scanner goes about as a ground-breaking sidekick of the firewall. It searches for malware and thinks about the center, topic, and module documents with what is in the archive, checking their trustworthiness and revealing any progressions to you.

With Wordfence firewall and security scanner, your WordPress site is sheltered and you get cautions for security dangers (like programming vulnerabilities) so you can address them before your site gets assaulted.

It likewise accompanies login security includes which permits you to empower two-factor confirmation and reCAPTCHA on your site.


Include/wp-administrator/to any space name and you can check whether the site utilizes WordPress CMS. #Lifehack

Lamentably, the standard login URL makes your site defenseless in case you’re utilizing WordPress. Any individual — and bot — can find a good pace page and attempt to get to your site.

LoginPress makes sure about your website security and rebrands the login pages of your WordPress sites. With LoginPress, you can change the login page URL so just guests with the right URL can get to your login page.

Need more? Here you go:

  • Change your login page to accommodate your image.
  • Allow guests to enroll and sign in utilizing their web-based life accounts.
  • Breaking point login endeavors to forestall beast power assaults.
  • Produce one of a kind login URLs for clients to sidestep the login procedure.

You would now be able to get LoginPress with a restrictive lifetime bargain from

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Slow sites are not at all acceptable in this day and age of the web. What’s more, one of the key supporters of a moderate site is unoptimized pictures.

ShortPixel is a lightweight, set-it-and-overlook it picture advancement module for your WordPress site. It improves your site execution (and SEO) by lessening picture sizes — up to 85% — without losing the picture quality.

With a couple of basic settings, ShortPixel can pack all your past pictures and PDF archives with a solitary snap. At that point, it enhances your pictures naturally as you transfer them, out of sight.

You can utilize ShortPixel to enhance 100 pictures for each month for nothing.


Shopify is extraordinary for internet business. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that you need more customization. Need to run your store on WordPress?

WooCommerce is an open-source, totally adjustable web-based business answer for you. Your WordPress site gets transformed into a web-based business store with all the requirements:

  • Physical and advanced item posting.
  • Client record and visitor checkout.
  • Stock and request the executives.

At the point when you’re all set past essentiality, WooCommerce offers premium web-based business subjects and augmentations that assist you with facilitating redo and level-up your store.

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Benefits of Premium WordPress Themes

When you are starting your WordPress site, irrespective of whether it is for professional and personal purposes, you will be tempted to keep the costs down. Using the WordPress plugins is not enough because you also have to choose a proper theme for your website. It is suggested that you choose premium WordPress themes because there are several benefits associated. Consider the list of the benefits that have been compiled below.

Tech Support

One of the most important benefits associated with a premium WordPress theme is that you are going to have access to on-demand and ongoing tech support. Irrespective of the theme that you are choosing, there is no denying the fact that you are going to have several questions. When you are choosing premium WordPress themes, you can be assured that all your doubts and queries are going to be cleared within very less time.

Always Updated

Another benefit of the premium WordPress themes is that they are updated constantly for security and to make sure that they are compatible with all the latest updates from WordPress. If you are running an outdated theme, your website can become vulnerable and malicious attacks can take place.

Built-in SEO

One of the best features of the premium WordPress themes is that all of them have inbuilt features of search engine optimization, which will push your website towards getting a higher rank on Google and all the other search engines. The best search engine optimization practices keep changing with time and that is why it is important to make sure that the theme that you have chosen is complying with all the updates and working accordingly for your site. All marketing professionals use WordPress themes that have built-in SEO.

Security Gets the Attention

Being encompassed by countless free subjects can be very overpowering. What’s more, the majority of the occasions; you may get fascinated by them as opposed to spending a ton on a top-notch alternative. Notwithstanding, one thing that you should remember is that free topics are inclined to dangers and infections.

Obviously, you have a long-distance over here. You can spare yourself and your webpage by downloading a free subject from the registry of WordPress. In any case, lamentably, exploring through the rundown there may bring various issues for you.

Returning to premium subjects, engineers give additional consideration to security. Not simply they continue attempting to clear bugs and issues yet additionally give you the carefully coded subject, away from the hands of malware and programmers.

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Usefulness is Valued

For the individuals who are anything but a mechanical nerd, attempting to redo or even roll out minor improvements to a free topic can be a colossal bad dream, remembering that it requires in any event essential to middle information on CSS, HTML, and PHP.

Notwithstanding, when you talk about premium topics, that is not how they work. These propelled topics are created by remembering the usefulness perspective. A portion of the perceived engineers or organizations coordinates instinctive UI in their subjects, making this as far as possible simpler.

With this, you can change the plan, group the site, and build up an intriguing stage just inside the snaps of a couple of catches. That, however, you may even effectively locate a few helpful WordPress modules perfect with the premium WordPress subject, which isn’t so natural to do with a free one.

Quality Matters the Most

Right now, the crowd is getting to sites through an assortment of gadgets. In this way, guaranteeing your site stays useful for each client, paying little mind to the stage being utilized, is critical. What’s more, premium topics are normally evolved to coordinate the degree of responsiveness you anticipate.

Besides, with regards to being agreeable with the web laws, you can’t disregard that viewpoint either, on the off chance that you wish to stay for a more extended timeframe on the web. Taking into account how the benchmarks of the web are as of now changing, programs are likewise overhauling their abilities as needs are.

In such a transformative world, premium subjects will end up being deliverers for you. Not simply they’re planned according to the present measures yet, in addition, get refreshed every once in a while. The equivalent can’t be finished up for an assortment of free subjects.

Can be Customized Easily

You will have the option of customizing your premium WordPress theme so that you can adjust the feel along with the look of the website, without even having to touch the code. This means that you can make your website look exactly like what you have in mind.

Responsive Design

People are constantly switching between smartphones and laptops for accessing websites. It can become extremely annoying if your website is not responding when it is opened on a mobile device. You are going to start losing visitors, if this happens. However, all the premium themes are responsible for offering responsibility, making sure that the content looks good irrespective of whether people are opening it on their mobile devices or laptop.

Responsive themes make sure that the visitors are staying on the website as opposed to deciding to visit your competition just because they are frustrated.


Premium WordPress plugins and themes have unique functionalities, which you should take advantage of, if you are creating your site on WordPress. Make sure that you understand the premium plugins that you should keep using along with the benefits of WordPress themes so that you make only the right decision for your website.

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