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Top 20 WordPress Plugins for Newsletter and Email Subscription

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Updated onFebruary 21, 2020

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Email Subscription is one of the best alternatives for getting the user messages visiting your web page. Moreover, a  strong newsletter helps the user to get back on your website. A great technique for making clients subscribe is having an integrated subscription module on the website for getting subscriptions to email letters, bulletins for new patterns and upgrades.

Producing an appropriate newsletter is also important for gaining a potential client. Some of these plugins will give you a head begin contrasted with the rivals in the field. Review these Top 20 WordPress Subscription Plugins which may suit your requirement and help you to increase your potential customers.

1) Free Newsletter Plugin:


Now get a boundless endorser with prevalent email following trademark for free of cost. Using free newsletter module through widgets and structures can help you to accumulate a huge list of email supporters of your blog or site.

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2) Free MailPoet Newsletters:


A newsletter module with no cost for the individuals who want to send a handmade newsletter to their email subscribers. Simple administration of subscribers and automated assistant messages can be conveyed to anybody with no cost.

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3) AB Simple Subscribe WordPress Plugin:

AB Simple Subscribed

A simple Ajax driven module that gives rise to subscribe mailing list form. User mailing list subscriptions can easily get exported into a CSV file format and email client or newsletter software.  

Get This Plugin Here

4) Subscribe by Email Plugin:


It empowers your website readers to subscribe your post and updates. It is a simple FeedBurner subscription plugin that is suitable for WordPress powered website. It adds a beautiful popup subscription form for FeedBurner subscription and readers can simply subscribe for Email Delivery via FeedBurner by enlisting their email address.

Get This Plugin Here

5) Subscribe Check Box:


A subscribe checkbox implementation before comment box can easily make it noticeable for your users. Simply displayed subscribe checkbox can help you to develop or increase the number of your subscribers more than your imagination.

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6) easyLetters:


easyLetters is a WordPress plugin that permits users to design live static or dynamic newsletters based on established themes or their own themes. This editor allows users to transfer pictures, connect pictures, edit the content of the template or create static content.

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7) WordPress Newsletter and Campaign:


A simple to utilize newsletter plugin that allows you to create campaigns, import or export subscriber’s list and ability to send newsletters in HTML format. This plugin can let you send emails to numerous endorsers and if you have limited emails per hour, then you can set it in setting menu. You can perceive what number of messages have been sent effectively or not.

Get This Plugin Here

8) Group Newsletters:


With this plugin, you can consolidate a few stories into one newsletter. Delivering targeted information to your subscribers is very simple and you are able to send multiple newsletters by using campaigns.

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9) NewsPlus WordPress Newsletter Plugin:


A great mail subscription and newsletter service that  helps to keep your users informed about the latest events and news. It is effectively adaptable by any business and mail statistics demonstrates what number of clients enlisted on your website, what number of them have subscribed to the newsletter.

Get This Plugin Here

10) Ad Plus List Building Popup:


A clean and flexible newspaper plugin that is suitable for website or blog. By utilizing this, you can change over your day by day blog guests into focused supporters.

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11) Email To First Blog Commentors:


Procure more income, subscribers and create an association with your daily blog readers by using a Comment box.  It will help you to send a custom email to the visitors who are commenting on your blog for the first time.

Get This Plugin Here 

12) Mail ChimpTraffic Pop for WordPress:


Transform your website visitors into new subscribers with the help of Mail Chimp Traffic Pop.  Integrating MailChimp is a simple and easy, just utilize your API key and begin with your plugin. Retina ready plugin works perfectly with all browsers.

Get This Plugin Here

13) Subscriber Content Lock for WordPress:


A simple and easy to create a subscription based content system on the website, So that clients will subscribe to your site so as to view content. It supports email verification as well as the strong list manager.

Get This Plugin Here 

14) Opt-In Content Locker:


This plugin allows you to protect the content on your website and display it only to subscribed users. Simply encase your ensured content with shortcodes [optinlocker]…[/optinlocker]. Visitors need to submit their email/name for viewing the content.

Get This Plugin Here

15) All-in-One Subscribe Popup:


Add a subscription box on your website with the help of All-in-One Subscribe Popup. The Popup is set-up with seven distinct occasions alongside page stack, outer connection, content menu and looks down.

Get This Plugin Here

16) MailChimp Comments:


This plugin will help you to add an email subscription form on your website. In short, users are added automatically in your subscription list, whenever they post comments on your website. MailChimp Comments is a complete solution for building a list of commentators.

Get This Plugin Here

17) Big Tie! For WordPress & Madmimi:


This plugin is a great alternative for connecting a WordPress website with MadMimi mailing list. The plugin imports existing users and consequently include new enlisted and commentators. Connecting all the visitors at one time becomes easy and integrating of the plugin is very simple with detail guidelines.

Get This Plugin Here

18) ChimpMate Pro:



ChimpMate is a lead generation plugin that helps to transform readers into subscribers. It doesn’t encompass any irritating pop-ups and it is easy to integrate. It accompanies a remarkable element that can help you to monitor performance effectively.

Get This Plugin Here

19) Subscribe Popup:


Subscribe Popup allow to integrate a popup opt-in form in WordPress website. The plugin will accumulate data of visitors like their name and email addresses. Data is saved in CSV file for backup purpose or can be utilized for some other administration.

Get This Plugin Here

20) Subscribe & Download:


As the name suggests, Subscribe and download plugin allows to distribute files through subscriptions. In short, users need to submit their details before downloading contents from your website. It is a proper solution for expanding functionality of your website.

Get This Plugin Here

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