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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Are you going to build a website or revamp an existing one? If yes, then you should consider using the WordPress platform. WordPress was launched as a blogging tool, it is one of the most popular blogging platform used by people.

WordPress is also a feature-packed content management system used by web developers to build professional websites both for commercial and individual use. It offers advanced options, flexibility and user friendliness to operate websites of small businesses and big organizations. WordPress is used by almost 25% of the websites present on the internet.

It does not matter if you are going to build your own website or get it developed by professionals – WordPress is the way to go. We give you top 5 reasons for which you should use WordPress to build your website.

Support and Backup


WordPress is an open source program and essentially a community software. Its maintenance is dependent on a large number of volunteers. Many of them are WordPress consultants and hold a strong interest in developing and growing WordPress.

Everyone is free to contribute by making plugins, creating themes, updating content, answering troubleshooting queries and writing patches and fixes. Every problem encountered by you has more often than not, been experienced earlier by other users. You will find troubleshooting solutions and existing plugins to solve your problem.

You will receive active support from other community members and gain access to guides, books, forums and a vast amount of online resources to know everything you need to. After you get the hang of it, you can even contribute back to the community.

Easy to Control, Add Content and Update

WordPress gives you unrestricted control over your website. It is very important when you adopt the do it your way of building websites. You need to be in charge of it and decide what goes on it. WordPress provides an extended control, which many other platforms don’t.

WordPress takes care of the majority of the complex and technical processes involved in putting together and maintaining a website. You don’t need to bother with them and just get on with adding and publishing your important content.

WordPress is also the wise choice if you are going to get your website designed and built by professionals. You can easily edit published content and add new content using simple options. The inbuilt editor is very straightforward and easy to use.

Many people have to wait and pay developers for updating and making changes to the existing website. But WordPress makes it possible to carry out such tasks by keeping you in control of everything.

Flexibility and Extendable Functionality

WordPress is really flexible allowing you and giving you options to customize and make your website exactly the way you want it to be. You get extended functionality in the form of plugins, which are widgets designed to carry out specific tasks.

A majority of people opting for WordPress does not have advanced computer knowledge. They are not web designers or programmers and are not trained to develop websites.

WordPress has thousands of free templates to choose from to determine the theme of your site. These themes feature their own control panel to set colors, upload a logo, set background and so on. Everyone is sure to find the perfect theme for their website, be it photography, magazine or portfolio.

Many developers are constantly adding plugins and add-ons to provide unique functions for sliding images, carousels, payment gateways, shopping carts and social media buttons. Plugins can also provide a whole new platform to your website. Using plugins, you can transform your WordPress website into an e-commerce store.

Most of these plugins are free, but you need to pay to unlock the premium ones.

Secure, Robust and with High Scalability

WordPress powers a large number of popular websites including New York Times, CNN, and SONY. With the right hosting plan and the right bandwidth, your website can handle millions of visitors each day without breaking down. WordPress built websites can contain a huge amount of data, numerous pages of content and many features. More than safety and security, it offers websites a robust structure.

WordPress makes your website grow along with your business. If you are just starting up, expanding or expect to expand your business – choosing WordPress initially means you don’t have to migrate to another platform in the future. WordPress with its high scalability will continue to perform no matter how big your website or business becomes.

Liked by Search Engines

WordPress is developed using high standard coding which makes the content of your website attractive to the search engines. WordPress is SEO optimized and you can use specific plugins to make it more SEO friendly.

The programming of WordPress makes search engines reach your website quickly and index all the content on it. You get more visitors resulting in expansion of profit and business. WordPress also produces an RSS feed for search engines to find and index new content efficiently.

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