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Best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugins

Best Discount WooCommerce Plugins

Are you looking for some discount techniques or pricing rules to boost your eCommerce sales? You are at the right spot, and all you need is a WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin to execute them. Come let’s discuss it in detail.

Here we have gathered some awesome WooCommerce plugins that permit you to set dynamic pricing for your eCommerce store and assist you with multiple discount deals.

Through these WooCommerce plugins you get with Managed WooCommerce Hosting, you can rapidly improve customer loyalty towards your brand by rewarding the ones who reach your objectives. For example, the amount spent or orders placed.

Shoppers are continuously searching for offers, coupons, and discounts. Discounts are a powerful method for drawing in traffic and making conversions. These dynamic pricing tools can help you offer discount and accomplish wonders in your WooCommerce store.

What is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a cost segregation methodology that lets apply offers depending on behavior patterns, market demand, shoppers, and other factors.

Dynamic pricing implies you can execute offers anywhere on your site.

For example:

  • Discounts based on user roles
  • Discounts based on carts
  • BOGO sales
  • Discounts based on coupons
  • Shopper explicit offers
  • Free delivery
  • Discounts based on product variants
  • Total order value based discounts
  • Combo offers
  • First-order offers, and so on

The pricing rule can be made without opting for low profits and low brand value.

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Some examples of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing are:

  • Get 5 and earn a 5% offer
  • Buy Product X, Get a Discount for Product Y

Are you uncertain about whether you could get benefits after providing discounts?

Simply ignore it!

Dynamic pricing is a methodology of providing discounts and not compromising profits.

It could be a mass deal or a unique deal, the purchaser will get it just when you offer it. Subsequently, you can set the guidelines by breaking down the benefits for yourself and the purchaser. Dynamic pricing is the best system to boost deals by making the discount deals beneficial for both the dealer and purchaser.

Perks of providing discounts on your store

People love discounts. Individuals like to spend wisely and save where and when they can. While using the special discount offers, people value their shopping experience, but also develop trust over your brand.

These days, many individuals are shopping online. So as an eCommerce store owner, attempt to get the best conversion rates by offering them great offers and discounts.

You not only can gain new shoppers, but also bring back past shoppers. It will develop a long-term relationship with your shoppers. Here are the perks of offering discounts in your store,

  • Build traffic to your online store
  • Grabs new shoppers by incentivising existing customers.
  • Announce offers on old products to clear stocks and account for new things
  • Make your shoppers feel cheerful and develop trust

These are just the tip of the iceberg, offering discounts brings more benefits to your store..

Now, let’s look at the best discount tools for your WooCommerce store. These WooCommerce Discount tools offer a range of features and advantages. Let us uncover them all.

The Best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugins

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

One of the most powerful dynamic pricing plugins for WooCommerce is Discount Rules for WooCommerce. It assists with setting up easy to complex dynamic product pricing and offers for WooCommerce simpler and quicker.

You can simply pick the ideal discount classifications from the concepts in Dropbox. Among the numerous pricing systems with Discount rules for WooCommerce, you can set cost offers for explicit items, based on quantities and more as per your preference.

You can also boost profit and customer procurement rates using the dynamic pricing rules of this plugin. The simple elements of the WooCommerce dynamic pricing free version will assist you with picking the best pricing deals.

You can get started with this dynamic pricing plugin in a couple of minutes, setup is pretty simple and you don’t need any coding knowledge either.

Here are a few key highlights of this tool:

  • You can set offers based on total order & multiple cart-based conditions
  • You can provide percentage-based offers in WooCommerce
  • BOGO discounts can be created
  • Quantity range-based discounts
  • Percentage discounts based on carts can be set
  • Offer free product when order total exceeds X amount
  • First order discount
  • Coupon activated discount
  • Display Discount Table on Product Pages

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules

This plugin permits you to make various prices depending on various conditions like user roles, types, loyal shoppers, and considerably more.

Regardless of whether you need to make offers depending on quantities or need to offer BOGO sales. Besides, you can likewise make volume or tiered pricing offers. Here are some important features of this pricing tool.

Key highlights incorporate

  • Your pricing rules can be edited in bulk.
  • Make various costs for a single item
  • Set promotional offers with a beginning and end date
  • Set the least order value for shoppers to finish the checkout
  • With the assistance of tiered pricing, you can permit shoppers to get huge offers with the following units bought.
  • Offers can be applied to a particular item when a specific amount is bought at the maximum price.
  • The export and import empowers shoppers to save time while handling and making item discount rules
  • Make pricing offers on a percentage, flat rate, or a standard amount.
  • This tool has a simpler UI interface.

ELEX Role-Based Pricing Plugin

Providing discounts based on user roles can be an incredible method for increasing customer engagement in a store.

If you are making offers or price changes to the premium customer’s groups, it can further develop the customer experience. You can utilize the ELEX user role-based pricing tools broadly for this reason.

With the assistance of this tool, you can make price changes to every individual item based on various user roles in your store.

Also, the plugin assists you with making supplementary user roles on your site to use alongside the default user roles available in WordPress.

This plugin additionally assists with setting up individual item pricing in your store, and also to disable shopping ability for selective shoppers. Assuming yours is a wholesale store, you can permit just registered ones to buy from you.

While unregistered shoppers can be diverted to a custom page or form to enroll or get in touch with you. The plugin likewise helps in allocating tax class and tax display choices on your WooCommerce store.

The free version of the plugin works just with simple items, while the paid version works with all types of products.

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

Advanced coupons for WooCommerce Coupons is an amazing plugin for creating discount coupons for your eCommerce store.

By utilizing this plugin, you can describe the rules for carts and make coupons for your WooCommerce store for items from various product classifications. Misuse of coupons is a typical issue in the realm of online deals.

Coupon conditions help in lessening these issues while making the eCommerce store safer and more productive.

This plugin can be utilized for making

  • BOGO offers
  • Sorting coupons as per the product classes
  • Sending discount coupons using URL, and
  • Confining discount coupons based on the user role.

Choose the right conditions, and control when and where the WooCommerce Coupons can be used. 

For instance:

  • Possibly apply a coupon when items from a specific classification are in the shopping cart
  • Just apply a coupon after a subtotal has been reached
  • Possibly apply a coupon when a particular item is in the shopping cart in a particular quantity
  • Just apply a coupon on their first use by checking if their spending is zero.

And, there are a handful more!

  • Execute WooCommerce BOGO offer (fresh BOGO coupon type)
  • Utilize Cart Conditions (coupon rules) to protect against accidental discount coupon usage
  • Provide WooCommerce store credit and also refund to store credit
  • Organize your WooCommerce coupons with coupon classes
  • Apply coupons with a URL effectively (WooCommerce URL coupons)
  • Limit WooCommerce coupons by user role
  • Display WooCommerce coupons on the quick order preview box

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Are you planning for any type of discount or pricing offer on your store?

Then this plugin is a perfect find for you. You can give a discount offer to shoppers because of the cart value or provide a discount on a product based on the number of times bought. When you create a discount with this plugin, you can decide to apply it explicitly to specific items, classifications, or labels.

Like to offer extraordinary discounts to customers based on their purchase history? Then, you are looking at the right plugin.

You can choose and set up a period for which a specific offer will be pertinent. It likewise assists with showing accessible deals to improve conversions.

For instance, you can show the number of items a shopper should buy to avail the discount offer. You also can flash the discount percentage the shopper saved with the purchase.

Key features of this plugin includes:

  • Fix different discount conditions and use them when the shopper’s cart meets the conditions.
  • Set pricing and discounts based on the quantity.
  • Apply rules for gift items.
  • Set discount rules to explicit items or user roles.
  • Show discount conditions as well as tiered pricing on the item page
  • Characterize a period to apply a discount.

Conditional Discount for WooCommerce

If you have a large WooCommerce store with various items, this tool can assist you with setting varied discounts, and setting up mass offers depending on particular items, category, or user roles.

Also, you can utilize it to set up offers for specific clients. You can do that by aligning the discounts to the user roles or email ids of the shopper. Additionally, it assists you with making offers depending on their purchase history.

The plugin helps you set up an array of extraordinary offers too. For instance, you can provide discounts to shoppers depending on the delivery method or the payment mode that they pick.

Likewise, you can evaluate offering exceptional discounts to those shoppers who join your email lists and newsletters.

Key features of this plugin incorporate:

  • Various types of discounts can be set, which include: mass pricing, wholesale discounts, and membership deals.
  • Confine discounts to shoppers based on their user role, geography, or email id.
  • Create buy one get one offer and free products.

WooCommerce Smart Coupons

As we discussed setting up complex valuing and rebate rules on your WooCommerce store, you can’t disregard the strength of coupons.

This plugin would be an extraordinary resource, if you are aiming to provide discount deals through coupons.

This plugin lets you generate coupons in bulk and email them to the customers you want to, easily. It permits you to associate the issue of coupons with the purchase of explicit items. Furthermore, it makes applying coupons simple for shoppers.

The attainable coupons will be shown on the shopping cart and My Account pages.

Key highlights of this plugin are:

  • Create coupons with various kinds of discount offers
  • The choice to mass email the coupons
  • Create URL coupons that can be inserted into messages or social media posts.
  • Link coupons with the purchase of specific items.
  • Make gift coupons, store credits, or vouchers.
  • Set up various limitations for applying coupons.
  • Option to import and export
  • Seamless interface to make and oversee coupons

You can also personalize your coupons as per the plan and format that you like. The plugin likewise assists you with creating a technique around a store credit framework and gift declarations.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

This plugin lets you provide discounts and cost changes in an interactive manner. As a matter of fact, you will motivate shoppers to be more intuitive with your site. The tool assists you with offering reward points to shoppers for the orders they place as well as other explicit activities on your site. For instance, leaving a review.

The points can then be reclaimed to benefit offers on your store for future buys. This would be an extraordinary method for further developing loyalty among customers in your store.

The tool assists you with characterizing the framework of the points that suit your techniques. It permits the storekeeper to keep control by limiting the maximum discount that can be acquired by redeeming points.

Besides, the plugin updates the point-related data automatically associated with every customer record. And, accordingly makes it simple to utilize.

Key features of this plugin include:

  • Reward with redeemable points on the purchase of explicit items.
  • Determine the highest limit for the number of points that can be redeemed.
  • Reward shoppers for explicit activities like posting a review or buying by signing into your newsletter.
  • Simple to modify and oversee point balance of clients’ shoppers

Easy WooCommerce Discounts Pro

If you are searching for a plugin to set up conditional pricing on your store, this plugin could be truly helpful. This plugin lets you make offers at product and cart levels. It also assists you with setting up prices intended for a shopper, groups, BOGO, and so on.

You can likewise set up offers depending on the product class, total order value, number of items, and so on. It assists you with showing pricing tables as well as a timer clock to motivate shoppers to make a buy.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Use various offers on your WooCommerce store at item and cart levels.
  • Auto-apply offers on the shopper’s cart instead of the shopper having to apply the coupon codes.
  • Show pricing tables at custom areas on the item page.
  • Set up dynamic pricing on delivery modes.
  • The option to inform shoppers of the offers when an item with a discount is added to the cart.
  • Choices to modify the item shown to individual clients with the assistance of Shortcodes.

Essentially, you can set up explicit pricing across your whole store or just to explicit items or product types.

CodeCanyon Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

This is a versatile plugin that will assist you with setting up an array of cost adjustments on your WooCommerce store. As well as help you set up an array of deals, offers on product bundles, mass offers, and so on.

This tool helps you create segmented-pricing depending on the user roles and geography.

Also, set up flash deals with the assistance of this plugin. This additionally gives you choices to reward customers when they arrive at specific levels regarding expenses made or orders submitted.

It utilizes conditional rules broadly to assist you with setting up exceptional discounts on your store.

Key highlights of this plugin incorporate:

  • Assists with making easy to complex pricing rules and using them in your WooCommerce store.
  • Ability to apply cart offers based on various rules.
  • Make a tiered mass pricing plan, where the cost diminishes with the increase in the number of items.
  • Create and Apply BOGO offers.
  • Avoid explicit items from all discount rules.
  • Add additional charges on the checkout page.
  • Create and apply conditional rules in a lot of situations.


Retainful lets you increase sales through email marketing. The primary feature of Retainful is Abandoned Cart Recovery. As a store owner, you can set up the templates and workflows within minutes and increase conversions. If you want to add an encouragement factor to the abandoned cart email, Dynamic Coupons can help you. 

Retainful takes care of email marketing at every step of the customer journey, from Welcome emails, Order follow-up emails, Win back emails to Thank you emails with Next Order Coupons. The List and Segment feature lets you divide your email list into static and dynamic. You can easily create target campaigns that help improve and personalize the content, increase engagement, and ultimately increase conversions. 

The Referral Program of Retainful helps you acquire new customers through Word of Mouth sales. You can reward both the referrer and the referee, which builds customer loyalty effortlessly. 

The exit intent popup will help you capture the email addresses of the guest users when they hover the cursor around the exit. This would help you build your email list. 

Key Features

  • Email marketing automation
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Dynamic coupons
  • Email Segmentation, List and email campaign
  • Insightful dashboard
  • Easy to integrate
  • Exit-intent popup
  • Follow up emails
  • Next order coupons
  • Referral programs

Last Words

The discount pricing rules are not difficult to set up and execute with the right plugin. Only by spending a moment in setting up the rules, strong outcomes will be acquired to raise deals and benefits.

The profit generated from the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin will be worth it, if you pick the best plugin. To make your work simple and obtain the outcomes phenomenally, choosing the best and most progressed plugin is essential. Know what your discount objectives are and align them with the features of the plugin to decide on one.

Here are a few best techniques that are utilized by eCommerce storekeepers across the world.

  • Pricing based on area
  • Pricing based on the user role
  • Pricing explicit to the customer behavior
  • Pricing based on the market demand and supply

If you have already used any of the plugins from the above list, do let us know your experience in the comments below.

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