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12 Best WooCommerce Import Export Plugins in 2023

WooCommerce Import Export Plugins

Are you looking for the best Import Export plugins for your WooCommerce store?

This post includes a hand-picked list of the best import/export plugins that are simple to set up and run the process quickly and efficiently. No coding experience is necessary to use the listed plugins. These plugins help you complete the import or export processes.

But for that, you need a WooCommerce Hosting infrastructure to give your store online presence. After that, installing these plugins will be meaningful.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Import Export WooCommerce Plugins to Use in 2023

Below listed plugins are some of the top import-export tools that allow you to migrate required data readily. 

Table of Content

1. Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Product  Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Import Export plugin is one of the popular tools to import and export products from one website to another easily. You can import and export multiple data of simple products, grouped products, affiliate products, and variable products. You can migrate those data via multiple file formats like CSV, Excel, XML, and TSV.

This plugin works simply. To import, you just need to map the product data to the necessary file in a properly structured format or use the same plugin to export the products for generating the CSV file. During this migration process, you can transfer or retrieve product data with images.

Key Features:

  • Export or Import custom or hidden meta fields & third-party plugin fields.
  • Edit bulk data while importing product data.
  • Schedule the import/export data using multiple FTPs.
  • Use a separate zip file to migrate the product images.

2. WP Import Export Lite

WP Import Export Lite

With the WP Import Export Lite plugin, you can export the data from your site and import it into another website. You can migrate data, like posts, pages, taxonomies, comments, custom post types, and more, in a single click. It is a great plugin to manage the data import and export actions on your WooCommerce store.

During the migration process, you can stop, pause, or resume the process. It aids you in verifying the data twice and clearing unwanted data with ease. You can do this process entirely in the background. As the plugin comes with a drag-and-drop feature, it allows you to map your data onto the required field.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 19+ freemium addons.
  • Import each recorded log separately.
  • Multiple filter options are available.
  • Supports zip file archives.

3. Customizer Export/Import

Customizer Export Import

Using the Customizer Export/Import plugin, you can import/export data of customizer settings within its interface. The plugin lets you handle the import/export of customizer data in a few clicks. Presently, this plugin allows you to import/export the saved settings file data to another theme.

To customize the theme, follow these steps: First, download the customizer settings file. Then, save the downloaded file after the theme name. Finally, import the file to the theme. Once you have imported the data, the respective page will reload, and a new design will appear. It’s a free plugin.

Key Features:

  • Migrate complete customizer settings right away.
  • Export custom options from customizer settings.
  • Add option keys to export customizer data.
  • Import/export the saved settings data.

4. WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export/h3>
WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

WooCommerce Customers Import Export is the best plugin to manage the users or customer data in your eCommerce store. You can use different file formats like CSV, Excel, XML, and TSV to import or export the data. The plugin also lets you schedule the import export processes.

The plugin allows you to import or export data based on user email, user roles, or user-added date. You can map the field easily using the drag-and-drop option. The plugin also lets you do bulk modification during the import of the user or customer data. You can also import or export the custom metadata.

Key Features:

  • Export the individual user based on the email or username.
  • Transfer the guest customers from the WooCommerce site.
  • Migrate WordPress users along with passwords.
  • Batch the user/customer data to process easily.

5. Widget Importer & Exporter

Widget Importer & Exporter

Widget Importer & Exporter plugin allows you to import or export the widget from one to another, save a backup of widgets, and more. The imported file consists of a clean formatted table that explains what happens in each area of the widget or any more changes. You can also export the currently active widgets.

The plugin lets you compile all your widgets into a single file and migrate easily to another site. As the widgets are neatly plotted on the sheet, you can identify any issues before transferring to another site. The smart handling of this plugin allows you to skip the duplicate widget. It’s a free plugin.

Key features:

  • Move the unsupportive widget into the inactive widget section.
  • Use the JSON format with wie extension to export the file.
  • Import all widget data in a neat table format.
  • Allows you to backup the existing widget.

6. Advanced Import

Advanced Import

Advanced Import is the best plugin to import website data or demo content from your WooCommerce store. While importing the demo data, the plugin lets you fetch images, screenshots, and demo templates in JSON files from the respective theme or child theme. You can import all those data in a single click.

This plugin is suitable for the theme developer who wants to provide demo data for customers and used those data for importing to another site. Using this plugin, you can also import the widget, media, pages, custom post type, options, and more. In order to use this plugin, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the themes you are using. It’s a free plugin.

Key Features:

  • Customize the plugin functionality using available hooks.
  • Categorize the demo data to transfer smoothly.
  • Multiple sorting or filtering options are available.
  • Import any theme demo content with a click.

7. Order, Coupon, Subscription Import Export

Order, Coupon, Subscription Import Export

Order, Coupon, Subscription Import Export is the ultimate tool to import or export coupon, order, or subscription data to another WooCommerce site. You can use different file formats, like XML, CSV, TSV, or Excel files, to transfer those data. You can schedule the import/export process using multiple FTP profiles or URLs.

This plugin also lets you export or import custom meta, line data, hidden meta, and more. A simple mapping system to structure the CSV, XML, or any file in WooCommerce. This mapping system will allow you to place the required data in a clean format and save the file for later import. You can import or export custom coupons based on status, date, type, or amount range. 

Key Features:

  • Apply custom rules to modify bulk data during the import.
  • Numerous pre-saved templates are available.
  • Use evaluation fields to update product fields.
  • Supports multilingual & compatible with WPML.

8. WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin allows store owners to import any type of content in a fast and reliable format for your WooCommerce website. The plugin enables you to import data precisely and accurately. You can import various data, like blog posts, media of featured images or inline images, and pages.

The plugin has a drag-and-drop feature to easily upload the content in a few clicks. You can upload a zip file from a URL, FTP, or PC. To upload and download the zip file from a website, you need reliable URL hosting. The plugin lets you add a new field to the existing post via import file. You can choose the existing items to update them while importing the respective data.

Key Features:

  • Notify visitors if maintenance mode occurs during the import.
  • Import files based on the taxonomies of categories & tags.
  • Transfer WordPress custom fields, reviews, or comments.
  • Built-in drag-and-drop feature to import any content.

9. Export Order Items for WooCommerce

Export Order Items for WooCommerce

Export Order Items for WooCommerce is the best tool to export order detail of each sale in your online store. You can generate a report right away for your WooCommerce store. You can arrange the order data based on certain purchase detail. The plugin lets you sort data by order ID and product ID.

You can filter the data based on the order status, like processing, completed, payment pending, and more. Not only that, this plugin lets you add 18 data fields to the report. You can export the order data in the CSV format. This plugin exports the bulk data of WooCommerce orders instantly and arranges them in ascending or descending format as needed.

Key Features:

  • Generate reports based on the custom date or chosen range.
  • Filter order data by multiple order statuses in WooCommerce.
  • Export specific order data based on the purchase detail.
  • Add a custom data field in the order report.

10. WordPress Comments Import & Export

WordPress Comments Import & Export

WordPress Comments Import & Export enables you to import or export the comments from your articles/posts. This plugin lets you transfer the customer comment to another site with ease. The plugin takes a CSV file as input to import the comment data and export those data to the new website.

You can create the CSV file from scratch or use the spreadsheet programs like Google spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel to map comments data. After entering all data into the spreadsheet program then you can import those data to the WooCommerce store. It’s a free plugin.

Key Features:

  • Bulk import-export comments for all or filtered post.
  • Use the filter option to sort data by article, commented date, and more.
  • Import/export comments from remote locations via FTP.
  • Schedule import and export comments from/to the website.

11. Import and export users and customers

Import and export users and customers

Import and export users and customers plugin allow store owners to import or export the user or customer data to another WooCommerce website. The plugin uses custom metadata to acquire data directly from the CSV file. You can migrate thousands of user or customer data in a few seconds. You can also send mail to notify each imported user.

The plugin lets you export users or customers to CSV files and you can filter those data by role or date of registration. You can send an email to every user and you can save this template to personalize later. The plugin also allows you to create cron tasks to import customers or users occasionally. It’s a free plugin.

Key Features:

  • Assign roles while importing the user’s or customer’s data.
  • Import metadata of the WooCommerce customers.
  • Customize the functionality using existing hooks.
  • Compatible with the WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin).

12. Product CSV Import Suite

Product CSV Import Suite

Product CSV Import Suite by WooCommerce allows you to import, merge, and export products and their variation from your website. You can import those data using the CSV file. The plugin saves much time by importing thousands of product data in a single file. It supports complex products in WooCommerce. You can update the product’s price, descriptions, or more.

But for that, you need a WooCommerce Hosting infrastructure to give your store online presence. After that, installing these plugins will be meaningful.

The plugin enables you to import custom data from product vendors, Google product feeds, brands, etc. This plugin also lets you export all products which are published, private mode, or draft one. You can set the data limit or exclude specific products while exporting the data. You can merge the data into a single file and send them back to a CSV file.

Key Features:

  • Fetch custom field information from WooCommerce.
  • Import thousands of product data in a click.
  • Allows you to import special product pricing. 
  • Supports complex products and custom data.


If you are running the import and export process via coding, there’s a possibility of human errors occurring. You might miss out on some data while migrating your website. That’s where the migration plugins come in. The above-listed import-export plugins help you to run the process of sending or retrieving data handily from one site to another. You can choose the plugin based on the data migration of products, orders, comments, users, customers, posts, pages, or more from your WooCommerce store. Don’t forget to check the compatibility and features support that suits your website.

The Author

Janani Pandimoorthi is a content writer at WebToffee. Her focuses is on crafting compelling content for WooCommerce users. She is open-minded and eager to learn new technologies to expand her knowledge. And like any true choco lover, she never says no to a delicious chocolate dessert.

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