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Author Topic: Email issue : Reply to emails is incorrect  (Read 4125 times)

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Email issue : Reply to emails is incorrect
« on: August 28, 2015, 01:20:04 PM »
Hello folks,

One of our client was facing an issue with the emails. When his recipients, if click on reply to in email, it's automatically reply to another email address and it was an incorrect email and client was not able to receive emails from recipients.

To resolve this issue, you have to check if you have set any reply to setting for the email address in webmail or mail client software like outlook.  Below are the steps to check the setting.

Webmail setting :

Click Preferences on the menu on the left side of the screen.
Click on the Mail tab. In the Reply-To box, type the e-mail address you would rather have the replier send mail to. When you have completed this, click the Update Preferences button at the bottom of the screen.

Outlook client setting ::

In Outlook 2007:
Select Tools | Account Settings… from the menu in Outlook.
Go to the E-mail tab.
select the desired email account.
Click on Change….
Now click More Settings ….
Enter the address where you'd like to receive replies under Other User Information for Reply E-mail.
Click OK.
Click Next >.
Now click Finish.
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Email issue : Reply to emails is incorrect
« on: August 28, 2015, 01:20:04 PM »