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Title: How do I enable SMTP on another port within cPanel ?
Post by: saurabhj on July 20, 2015, 07:19:00 PM
It is simple to enable SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) on another port. To do this please follow the step-by-step direction below.

[1] Login to your WHM (Web Host Manager)

[2] Next Go to the "Service configuration" section

[3] Locate the row that says "Exim On Another Port" option.

[4] Please enable the following two check-boxes.
                Monitor = YES (Checked)
                Enabled =  YES (Checked)

[5] Once Done, Click on Save to apply your settings.

Now your cPanel SMTP should start working on PORT 26 rather than just on PORT 25 (Which is blocked by most of the ISP's)

Sometimes it is smart to use port 2525 as Exim alternative with hosting server cause it is really easy to remember.