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Title: How to Disable Incoming ICMP/Ping Requests in Windows ?
Post by: Dipak Bhoi on September 30, 2014, 06:16:10 PM
Hello Guys,

If you want to disable ICMP/Ping Requests to more secure system or wish to better hide systems from hackers.

Let's see how to achieve this in XP :

1. Open up the Windows Firewall settings by navigating to ‘Start –> Control Panel –> Windows Firewall

2. Once open, click on the ‘Advanced‘ tab.

3. Click on the ‘Settings‘ button under the ‘ICMP‘ heading.

4. The first setting within the window is ‘Allow incoming echo request‘. Remove the check-mark and click OK, and then click OK again to close the Firewall settings window.

In windows 7 :-

1. Go to Control Panel >>Windows firewall .

2. Click on Advanced settings (on left side panel).

3. Go to Inbound rules >> New rule (on right hand side panel).

4. Now choose "Custom" and next.

5. Click on "Protocol and ports" and in the "Protocol type" box select "ICMPv4".

6. Click on the "customize" button to allow you to select which types of ICMP ping you wish to block and then click next.

7.  If you wish to specify IP addresses then add it or otherwise click on Next and select "Block the Connection".

8. Click on Next button and name the rule, and save it.

You have done. That's all.

Enjoy !!