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Web Hosting / How to Resolve The Error cPanel Temporary URL Not Working?
« on: August 08, 2020, 12:48:52 PM »
These scenarios happen when cPanel temporary URL is used:
  • When customers are creating new websites and they want to test it before making them public.
  • Customers who migrate their accounts from another hosting to your server and want to confirm that everything is fine, before switching the DNS to your server.
While accessing the temporary URL in the above cases, at times you might get a 404 error.

Check this video to get the solution:


Check this an in-depth guide on how to resolve the error cPanel temporary URL not working:

Web Hosting / How to Register Private Nameservers for your Domain Name?
« on: August 08, 2020, 12:41:47 PM »
As you know, every website has a unique IP address, and you know it is difficult to remember the IP address and that's why we access a site using its domain name. I am giving the example is a domain name, we can easily remember this but we cannot remember by its IP address. In the backend, a nameserver resolves a domain name to IP address after which a website is accessible in your browser.

If you want to create your own nameservers for your domain name, register your own hostnames with the domain you have registered through MilesWeb. With private nameservers, you will be able to use your own identity in nameservers.

Check this video on "How to Register Private Nameservers for your Domain?":

You can register your nameservers if you have your own a VPS or a dedicated server ( and

The first step is to get IP addresses where you can point your domain nameservers.
The IP addresses will be defined in your welcome email, if not you can contact your hosting provider's support team anytime.
Once you have the IP address, you can register the nameservers with your domain registrar.
If your domain is registered with MilesWeb, follow these mentioned steps:
If your domain name is registered with some other hosting provider, please contact them for nameserver assistance.
Once the nameservers are registered, you will have to set them on your server. Follow these mentioned steps:

1. Login to WHM and >> ‘DNS functions’ section >> Edit DNS zone menu
2. Select the drop-down, the domain name you would like to set the nameservers for and click on ‘Edit’ option
3. Update the ‘SOA record’ stating your primary nameserver and the email address
If you want the custom nameservers to be automatically used for all the new cPanel accounts and you also need to set them for all the addons before adding them to cPanel:

Go to ‘Basic cPanel and WHM setup’ in WHM >> and add your custom nameservers.

You must wait 24-72 hours for the DNS changes to propagate worldwide. Contact MilesWeb support if you need any help.

SEO / Social Media Discussions / How to resolve 301 Redirect issue?
« on: February 19, 2018, 04:42:46 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I need your help, I have added 301 to the main page and its working properly.
Example: from to

But as I apply the same method to my website inner pages I am facing some issues like it's not working properly and getting redirected to the home page with index.php
For example: If I load this link in my browser:
It's redirecting me to

I am not sure, what went wrong and why it is showing the index.php page at the end of my URL.

Please help me,

Hello friends,

Is it worth to have backlinks for different keywords on the same domain?

For e.g., From one domain, I am taking backlink for two different keywords from two different posts.

Is this beneficial to improve my ranking? :)

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