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Addon Domain Vs. Parked Domain

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How is an addon domain different from a parked domain?

Addon Domain

An addon domain can be added to your web hosting account as an additional feature. Through an addon domain, you can have more than one independent website that shares the resources of your web hosting account. The addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created through your control panel. You can make a new website with the addon domain and this website is hosted in a new folder in your hosting account so that you can host multiple domains from your control panel. You can assign email addresses and forwarders to the addon domain and use it in the same way as the primary domain.

When you create an addon domain:

  • A new folder is generated in the public_html directory.
  • A subdomain is created for the main primary domain and it is attached to the new folder.
  • The new domain name is connected with the subdomain.

For instance, if the primary domain is – ‘’ and you assign the addon domain – ‘mywebsiteblog’ to the folder ‘mywebsitename’, the following routes/URLs will be applicable:

  • com/mywebsiteblog
  • com

All the three URLs mentioned above will access the same directory and point to the same website. This automatically happens when you assign an addon domain to your account. There is no further action required apart from adding the necessary content to the addon domain.

Parked Domain

A parked domain is an alias of the primary domain. The parked domain points to the same website as the primary domain. This is the concept of having multiple domains and the same website.

For example, if is your primary website, you can buy as well and assign it as a parked domain. In this case, if a visitor happens to go to, that visitor will see the same website as if they would have seen it on

Technically, and will direct to the same web page – index.htm.

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