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Why Can’t I Access My Website & cPanel?

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At times your website is inaccessible and at times you are not able to access cPanel and webmail. You might be receiving this error ‘Server connection timed out’.

What is happening here? Chances are that your external IP address was blocked by the Firewall.

Firewall consists of a set of devices designed for protecting the networks from any unauthorized access while allowing legitimate communications to pass. For security reasons, we have installed Firewall on the servers.

In case you are not able to connect to your website, cPanel and webmail from any particular machine, it means that you have triggered the Firewall rules. In such a situation, you can contact MilesWeb support team and your IP will be unblocked.

What might be the reasons for your IP getting blocked? How to avoid them?

Failed cPanel Login

If you are not able to login to cPanel in the first attempt, please do not make more login attempts. If you make incorrect login attempts 20 times in 300 seconds, your IP will get blocked. For avoiding this, check your login details in the welcome email that was sent to you when you signed up for a web hosting package. You can also initiate a chat and ask our support team to reset the cPanel password. When you receive the login details, save them in a file so that you can use them whenever required, you can also use some browser addons to remember your passwords.

Failed POP3 / IMAP Or Webmail Login

If you are facing issues logging into webmail, it is advisable to reset the email address password in the cPanel account through the ‘email accounts’ page.

In case you are using an email client, make sure that you update the login details in it.

Failed FTP / SSH Login

Make sure that your FTP client is using the right login details and the right settings. Use Port 21 for FTP. Note that MilesWeb enables SSH by user’s request for any of the web hosting packages. Please contact MilesWeb support team for enabling SSH

Failed Web Page Login

This occurs when there is an authentication form or a protected directory present on the website. Make sure that you are using the correct login credentials.

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