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How to Change FTP Servers in WHM?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to Change FTP Servers in WHM

The VPS installation you manage with WHM assists two types of FTP servers: ProFTPD and PureFTPD. They have the same function to carry out the uploading and downloading of files on the server. However, the two FTP servers have different features and performances based on their infrastructure.

To Select FTP Servers in WHM

1. Log in to the WHM dashboard with the root account.

2. Select the Service Configuration option from the menu.

3. Click on FTP Server Selection.

The selection window will appear. You can choose between the ProFTPD and PureFTPD servers after you read their Advantages, Disadvantages and Notes.

Here is brief information about the two FTP servers to help you decide:


  • It is a default option for the FTP Server.
  • You can log in to it faster.
  • It operates on lesser server resources.
  • More secure.
  • You can get virtual access to the server on any IP address.
  • It is compatible with virtual user quotas.
  • It works well with software RAID systems.
  • It does not support TLS 1.0


  • It offers more options for configurations.
  • It supports TCPwrappers-based access controls.
  • You can use .ftpaccess files for per-directory access controls with it.
  • It requires more disk storage.
  • You do not get login notifications.
  • It does not have brute force protection.

4. Select the FTP Server you want to deploy by clicking the radio button next to it.

5. Click Save to deploy the server.

The installation process will commence. After a while, WHM will have successfully deployed the FTP server.

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