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How to Check the Statistics of Your Website in DirectAdmin?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to Check the Statistics of Your Website in DirectAdmin

Your website sees a lot of action online. DirectAdmin provides details about some of the elements in the form of statistical data.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check information statistics of your website in DirectAdmin:

1. Log in to the DirectAdmin account.

2. Go to System Info & Files section and click on Site Summary / Statistics / Logs.

3. You would see a panel displaying information categorized into three fields:

  • Domain Statistics: It gives basic info and statistics relevant to your domain like logs, bandwidth and disk usage.

  • Usage Statistics: As the name suggests, it has a data description for the utilities and hosting resources like bandwidth, disk usage, Inodes, e-mail accounts, etc.

  • Account Configuration: It shows the information about the settings of your hosting account like IP, Shell Access (SSH), SSL certifications, etc.

4. Additionally, you can edit your account configurations by clicking on the EDIT ACCOUNT CONFIGURATION button.

5. The EDIT ACCOUNT CONFIGURATION window will be displayed. It allows you to configure basic account settings, as shown in the screenshot. Once you are done adding the details, click the SAVE button.

Note that the information DirectAdmin provides is not detailed and, if you need more detailed information, you would have to contact your hosting provider.

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