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Connect your hosting account via FTP

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There are different ways to connect your hosting account & upload files. You can upload it via File Manager OR via FTP. It is accessible using a browser OR using FTP client softwares. FTP service is available with different web hosting services to upload the data.

FTP using a browser
You can connect your hosting account via FTP to upload/download the files. FTP service is compatible with all browsers over internet. The format to connect is the same for every browser.

A window will pop up asking to enter password for desired username. Every hosting account can have multiple FTP account. Enter your username and password in the pop up window & it will authenticate you to your hosting account. You can now upload/download the files using a browser.

FTP using client software
Webmasters need to upload/download the files/folders on a larger scale & frequently. FTP client softwares are used by many. Widely used FTP softwares are FileZilla & CuteFTP.

FTP client softwares provide many features which makes the upload and download of files/folders easy. The basic information that you need is Host(server IP OR domain name), Username(control panel OR FTP user) & Password (the one associated with the control panel OR additional FTP account). Using the client software, you can select Passive mode to upload the files, save the details if being used frequently & many more features.

If you face any issues when connecting the FTP, check if default FTP port is open. Still unable to connect ? Contact our friendly support team. They will help you with establishing a FTP connection.

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