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How To Create Custom Email Filters In cPanel?

Approx. read time : 2 min

Email filtering enables you to select messages that consist of certain strings of text or symbols. You have the option of either discarding them or sending them to another email box of your choice.

Step 1 : In order to access the user level filtering menu, click on the Email Filters option under the EMAIL Section on the main screen of your cPanel interface.


Step 2 : Click on Manage Filters option next to the account for which you want to add filters.


Step 3 : For adding a filter, click on Create a New Filter button.


Step 4 : In the Filter Name field, enter a unique name for the filter.

Email Filter name

Step 5 : From the Rules option, you can select the rules a mail should match with in order to be filtered.

Email Filter Rules

Step 6 : From the Actions drop-down menu, you should select the action that should be performed when a mail matches any rule in the filter.

Step 7 : Click on Activate in order to enable the filter.

This completes the process of creating custom email filters in cPanel.

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