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How To Create Email Accounts From cPanel?

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Watch this video for a step by step process to create email accounts from cPanel

With cPanel account, you can create multiple e-mail accounts, define passwords and select mailbox quotas for them. Even you can easily manage those e-mail accounts for a chosen domain.

In this chapter, you can learn how to create an email accounts for your domain name. Follow the below given instructions, in order to create new email account from cPanel:

1. Firstly, login to your cPanel ->Email section -> Email Accounts menu.

2. Select the domain you want your email account to be associated with, and enter the Email and Password of your choice. (You can select Mailbox Quota as per your hosting plan.)

Click on Create Account button once you fill up all fields with required data.

3. To login to Webmail, click on more next to the email account in question > Access Webmail.

4. Once done, you will see the icons of the three Webmail interfaces.

5. You can choose any of the listed one to access the Webmail.

Horde Webmail interface:

Roundcube Webmail interface:

SquirrelMail Webmail interface:

If you have any trouble while creating an email account in cPanel, contact us at, support[at]milesweb[.com]

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