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Domain Transfer Process

Approx. read time : 2 min

This Domain Transfer Process is depicted only for gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domain) such as .COM, .NET, ORG, etc. To carry out uninterrupted domain transfer and avoid failures, we advise you to make sure of the following things.

1. Obtain correct & accurate EPP Code (Extensible Provisional Protocol) from current (losing) registrar and provided to us. EPP Code is also called as secret key or authorization code.

2. The domain should have completed 60 Days Initial Registration Period or being transferred from one registrar to another.

3. Privacy Protection or ID protection or WHOIS protection should be disabled on the domain.

4. Registrant and Administrative contacts should be valid and displayed in WHOIS Lookup to approve Domain Transfer Request.

5. The domain hasn’t expired and not about to expire shortly.

6. It must be essentially in “ACTIVE” or “OK” status. It shouldn’t have the status of “REGISTRY-HOLD”, “REGISTRAR-HOLD”, “REGISTRY-LOCK”, “REGISTRAR-LOCK”, “EXPIRED”, “REDEMPTION PERIOD” or “ PENDING DELETE” status. Any of the above statuses will fail the transfer.

Fulfilling the above conditions helps in hassle free domain transfer.