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How To Enable Nginx With PHP-FPM On Plesk?

Approx. read time : 2 min

If a standalone Nginx server is supported with PHP-FPM, it becomes very fast and reliable web server. PHP-FPM offers an interface for processing dynamic PHP content similar to FastCGI when it is combined along with Apache.

This setup is supported by Plesk control panel to a great extend and provides in-built tools for its installation.

Let’s check its configuration process.

1. Login as an admin or a privileged user to Plesk control panel.

2. Navigate to Home >> Server Management >> Tools & Settings.

3. From this page, click on Updates and Upgrades which will take you to the Install and Update Odin products page.

4. Next, click on Add/Remove Components. With this a list of components supported by Plesk will get displayed. Click on the drop-down arrow to expand the web hosting features option.

5. Select php-fpm support for nginx option and click on ‘Continue’. With this nginx and php-fpm will get installed in the server. Now you will just need to enable this service. To enable it, go to Home >> Server Management >> Tools & Settings >> Services Management.

If the service isn’t already enabled, click the activate button on right of the php-fpm support nginx service to enable it.

That’s it! You now have Nginx with PHP-FPM installed in the server.

Hope this tutorial was useful on enabling Nginx with PHP-FPM on Plesk.

Pallavi Godse
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