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How Do I Send Bulk Emails?

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Bulk emails have become a part of every online marketing campaign. Every organization has to send bulk emails occasionally. Therefore, it is important to have a powerful and a reliable platform to execute this task successfully.

A solution for sending bulk emails – MilesWeb will be providing with an exclusive VPS platform for sending the bulk emails.

Enable The ‘Unsubscribe’ Link

Make sure that you provide with the ‘unsubscribe’ link. As the emails will be automatically sent, it is important to provide this option. If someone opts to unsubscribe, remove that particular email address from the mailing list so that henceforth that customer / client will not receive any email updates from you.

Ensuring Domain Reputation

In order to preserve the domain reputation, point the ‘A’ record of the server IP and we will set a PTR record for the server IP address. We also recommend you to send SPF and DKIM keys on your domain name.

Some Important Factors…

  • Ensure that the emails you send are marketing / informative emails, in case you send spam emails, the server will be suspended / terminated without any notification.
  • There is no limit on the number of emails that you can send. However, for smooth delivery of the emails, we recommend you to send emails in batches.
  • You can utilize a communications manager for sending emails to small groups of people having specific interests.
  • There is no restriction to the number of email accounts that you can create

Getting The Email Delivered To The ‘Inbox’

An email would serve the right purpose only if it reaches the inbox of the customer. It is important to get the emails checked in terms of genuine content. If you have created the content for the email, you can send it to us and we will analyze it and generate a report. Through this report you will get an insight on the changes that you should make so that the email reaches the ‘inbox’ and not the ‘spam’ folder. Here is an insight of how the email analysis report will look like:

emails, bulk emails, web hosting

Get a VPS for your emails and take advantage of uninterrupted service. This is an amazing solution for every business in terms of achieving proficiency in communicating with the customers / email subscribers. Select from our VPS hosting packages and start sending unlimited emails through your own VPS server!

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