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How To Add A New Product In WooCommerce?

If you have setup your WooCommerce store and made the theme live, the next step is to add products. Below mentioned are steps for adding a new product to your WooCommerce store:

  • Login to the wp-admin dashboard of your website
  • On the left hand side menu, you will see the option ‘Products’, hover on it and click on ‘add new’
  • This will display a new screen for adding a product
  • Enter the product title, a detailed description and a short description as well
  • You will also have to enter the product data including the sale price, regular price, SKU, stock availability, physical weight and dimensions
  • For your new product you can either select from the existing product categories or you can add a new product category in the sidebar
  • Here you can also add the product images and add images to the product gallery
  • After entering the main description of the product, scroll down for setting up the product parameters
  • For the inventory tab, if SKU is not applicable for your product, don’t include it
  • You also have the option of not tracking the product stock if required; however, having a track of your simplifies inventory management
  • If you are selling physical products, you also have to fill in the ‘Shipping’ tab

Now that you have created your product and entered all the necessary details for it, it’s time to see your product on the front-end of your website. Your new product page will be created using the details that you entered in the product setup area. It is important to note that your WooCommerce website theme will determine the look of your product pages.


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