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How To Change The Location Settings In Moodle 3?

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If you want to modify the location or time zone settings in Moodle 3, you can do this through the administration dashboard. You need to go to Site Administration >> Location >> Location settings for getting started.

The Location settings page enables you to configure many regional settings like adding the default time zone, city and country. You can also try to detect the location of a user IP address automatically.

In the location settings, you need to configure the following options:

  • Default Timezone: This is the default timezone for showing the dates. Every user can overrule this setting in their profile. You must change this setting if it shows ‘Invalid Timezone’.
  • Force Timezone: Through this option, you can enable the users to choose their timezone, or you can forcefully add a timezone for every user.
  • Default Country: If you select a country in this option, then that country will be displayed by default on the new user accounts. You need to leave this option unset to encourage users to choose a country.
  • Default City: A city entered here will be shown as the default city while creating new user accounts.

When you have made all the necessary changes, click on ‘Save changes’ for completing the configuration.

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