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How To Change The Logo Of Your AbanteCart Store?

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One of the most important things about your online store website is your logo. Generally, the logo is placed on the top of the website but you can place it wherever you want. AbanteCart is one of the best shopping cart software that ensures easy customization.

This tutorial provides information about changing the logo of your AbanteCart store website.

Here are the steps for changing the logo:

Step 1 – Access The AbanteCart Logo Configuration Page

Unlike every other element that needs configuration, AbanteCart provides a simple user interface so that you can upload the logo with no coding or programming required.

For accessing the configuration page – you need to go to System >> Settings >> Appearance.

Here, the template that you are using will be displayed along with the other options related to it. You will see an ‘Edit’ button present right below the template image.

You have to click on the Edit option so that you can be directed to the template editing interface.

Step 2 – Add The New Logo

You will be presented with several options. In these options, the second option is the ‘Store Logo’ and when you click on the current logo image, you will get the option to replace the logo or you can use this option to ‘Remove’ link and after this, click on the ‘+’ button for uploading your logo.

Once your new logo is uploaded and you are ready to publish it, all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Save’. The method of changing the favicon of your AbanteCart store is quite similar.

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