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How To Create Multiple Logins To cPanel?

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Most of the websites consists of 3 main elements: emails, databases and files (FTP). It is possible to create logins for other users for these three elements and those users will be able to manage their websites and emails without any issues.

  • You can create restricted number of FTP accounts through the control panel by going to FTP accounts (the users will get access only to the specific folder that is assigned to them).
  • You can create email accounts through cPanel by going to the ‘Email Accounts’ section and then it can be accessed through Webmail (without having to enter the cPanel itself, you can login with the email address and the email password). You can also access the emails through POP3/IMAP or SMTP.
  • You can create MySQL users through cPanel through ‘SQL’ along with the DB name, DB user and DB password information to the users. They can manage the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.
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